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Colouring-in is one of those activities that stands the test of generations, not least because it is an activity that is enjoyable for most age groups with even adult colouring-in books making their mark in the publishing world. Colouring in sheets are the perfect addition to a rainy day or something to take with you when you head out to eat with kids or away on holidays. 

Themed colouring in collections

You are most welcome to print any of the following colouring sheets for free, to use in a classroom or for any activity as long as you do not reproduce them for sale. You also just need to keep any of the watermarks (logos and artist signatures) on the prints but otherwise, they are free for you and your kids to enjoy. We have just divided the sheets into categories and if you click on the links you will get access to the wider collection within each theme. Please enjoy. 

Australian Animal Colouring In Sheets

Your kids will love these free Aussie animal colouring-in sheets, easy for younger kids and fun to bring out on days like Australia Day and Wild Koala day. Australian Animal Colouring In Sheets


Indigenous Australian Colouring In Sheets

All of these Aboriginal colouring sheets are available for free download and we would encourage you to combine their use with discussions on Australia’s history and perhaps visiting your local library so that you can extend the learning with books. These sheets were gifted to us to gift to Australian children for free use and download. Please retain the artist signature when you print. Artist 1 – Olwyn Avery Artist 2 – Helen Price. Click on the link to download and print the available Aboriginal Colouring In Sheets.

aboriginal colouring in


Just for fun printables

This free collection of colouring in printables features all the usual suspects in terms of the most popular childhood themes. This includes a unicorn, princess, wizard, pirate, mermaid and dinosaur. You can get those colouring sheets for free here.  

pirate colouring in sheet

Christmas Colouring In Sheets

This lovely range of Australian animal Christmas colouring-in sheets was created to show kids that Christmas is not all about snow and eggnog. Australian Christmas days especially can be hot and muggy but equally special in their own way with lots of swimming, cold no-fuss lunches and air conditioning. These colouring sheets are the perfect accompaniment for a Christmas lunch with little kids or for free use in classrooms and nature centres in Brisbane (or anywhere). Download and Print Australian Animal Christmas Colouring Sheets.

australian animals, christmas colouring in pages

Easter Colouring In Sheets

Similar to our Christmas collection, our Easter range of Australian animal printables make the perfect Easter activity for classrooms or a fun idea leading up to Easter. While we have included a rabbit in this collection, we have also included the Australia symbol for Easter, the Bilby alongside a range of other Australian animals. Free printables like this can also make a great handmade gift for grandparents, or you could even print a smaller size and then use them to make your own handmade Easter cards. Get the Australian themed Easter Colouring In Sheets

bilby colouring in sheets


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