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Help for parents of children with disabilities

Do you have a child with a disability? Is their behaviour difficult to manage at times? Does this place extra stress on your family?

Free Parenting Support for Parents of Children with Disabilities

Help for parents of children with disabilities

A new free parenting support program is available to Queensland parents who have a child with a disability aged 2 to 12. The Stepping Stones Triple P (SSTP) Project aims to reduce child behaviour problems and improve the mental health of parents in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales by providing free parenting support. Parents in each state will receive two years of help through Triple P’s Stepping Stones program. This is a specialised parenting program for parents of children with special needs and has been found to reduce child behaviour problems by 76 per cent and lower parent stress and depression levels. A team of health and education professionals in each state has been trained to deliver Stepping Stones to give parents as much access as possible to support in the two-year timeframe.

Reduce Problem Behaviour

Help for parents of children with disabilities

The Stepping Stones program empowers parents by showing them how to encourage positive behaviour and reduce problem behaviour in their children. They are taken through a series of specific evidence-based strategies backed by years of research which promote child development, social competence and self-control. The program also focuses on increasing the confidence, resilience and wellbeing of parents by teaching them how to manage expectations and cope with stressful situations.

Small Group, Individual or Online Parenting Sessions

Help for parents of children with disabilities

The program can be delivered in different formats, depending on the intensity of individual family situations. Parents can join a small group program, attend a seminar, do the program online, work through a self-directed workbook or attend face-to-face sessions, depending on what’s being offered by practitioners in their area at the time. Parents can register for free parenting sessions by going to and clicking on the’ Get Help’ tab. The website also provides detailed information about the different types of programs available.

Contact Stepping Stones Triple P to find out more

Help for parents of children with disabilities

If a parent cannot access Stepping Stones support locally or in a timeframe which suits them, they can contact the project team on [email protected] or 3365 6499 to discuss their options. In Queensland, the team is headed by international parenting expert Professor Matt Sanders, who is the founder of the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program and Director of the Parenting and Family Support Centre at The University of Queensland. If you would like to promote this support program to people who care for and work with children with special needs, please like us on Facebook.

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