Fly Away Home- GOMA Exhibition Review

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Fly Away Home- GOMA Exhibition Review

As usual we want to make sure you make the most of the FREE activities around Brisbane. The Gallery of Modern Art is well known for its kids exhibitions and the latest one ‘Fly Away Home’.

We asked some Brisbane Mums to say what they thought about this interactive exhibition.

  • Each family gets a bag to carry their birds in
  • Each child gets one bird, 2 bank notes to use for wings/tails/head feathers etc, one paper cup for nest, shredded paper and name tag
  • Craft tables have ample instruction leaflets, scissors, coloured pencils, grey leads, glue sticks, sticky tape, staplers, hole punches and wipes to clean up
Some anecdotal reviews
We went yesterday but didn’t take any photos. Each family gets a bag with nesting materials, a bird body and some bank notes to make the wings and tail and of course instructions. Oh yes and a tag to name and describe your creation. The tables you sit at to make the bird & nest are set up to look like trees. All the birds made are displayed on the walls or hung from the roof. All free. Very cool to see even if you don’t feel like making the bird. A lot of the tags of the bird on display are hilarious! Enjoy!
We went today. I’ve three boys aged 9 and 2. They all loved it. There were a lot of kids & noise & school groups but tis loads of fun! Assistance for lil ones like all craft activities. We coulda stayed for very long time if one of our accompanying adults wasn’t over it. I’ve got some pics to share

Here are some photos to help you decide if this exhibition is worth the trip into South Bank where you could also check out the Queensland Museum and the SouthBank Lagoon.


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