How to find out if Brisbane schools, daycare centres and kindies are closed

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In the middle of a Brisbane storm or the aftermath of an unexpected weather event, one of the main things parents wonder about is whether their child’s school, daycare centre or kindergarten is open or closed.

In the case of severe weather situations, or even health and safety situations, such as measles outbreaks, these services may need to close unexpectedly. Here is how to find out if your child’s school or care service is closed.

School Closures

For a full list of school closures in Queensland that is updated in real time, visit

Parents are also urged to listen to local radio stations and to check regular weather updates, such as the warnings, forecasts and radar loops on in order to remain aware of any road closures and weather events that may affect their child’s school.

Concerned parents can also check their school’s website or contact the school by phone in order to find out the latest information.

Daycare Centre and Kindergarten Closures

Approved service providers may be added to the closures list above if they have notified the department in due time, while others may not be listed. As such, the best way to get the latest and most accurate information relating to daycare centres, kindergartens and other care services is to contact that service directly.

Scheduled Closures

You can visit to see the scheduled school holiday closure for all Queensland state schools.

For independent schools and Catholic schools, these dates may vary, in which case you should contact the school directly.

You should also contact each school directly or check the calendar on their website in order to find out when scheduled student-free days will take place.

Contact a school

To find contact details for any school in Queensland, you can visit the Schools Directory here.

Further information

For the latest updates on education facility information, you can follow The Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment on Facebook here.

If you require any help during a disaster or need any other information or assistance, you can find a whole range of resources on, from weather warnings to crisis support and evacuation centre information.

For more help on preparing for storm season, see our posts on Talking to kids about storm safety and getting prepared for storm season, and What should be in your cyclone emergency kit.

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