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Thanks primarily to a booming mining industry, fly-in fly-out jobs are becoming increasingly common in Australia and for Brisbane families, meaning more and more families are experiencing the FIFO lifestyle. This unique lifestyle can bring many rewards and it can also have its challenges for families and relationships. With FIFO workers being away for long periods of time, it can be important to connect with others who are going through and understand your situation and to build a network of support around you. Luckily in Brisbane, there are many support options for FIFO families.

Facebook groups for FIFO families in Brisbane

There are many Facebook groups for local Brisbane FIFO families to connect with each other. Here are some of the groups we have found, but you can search for others in Brisbane or your local area on Facebook.

Brisbane FIFO WAGS meet-up group

Brisbane FIFO WAGS meet-up group is a Facebook group for wives and girlfriends of FIFO workers in Brisbane, who are looking to network and meet others in the local area and organise meet-ups. To find out more or to join, click here.

FIFO Connections Brisbane

FIFO Connections Brisbane is a not-for-profit organisation that provides social and emotional support and services to FIFO wives, girlfriends, families and female workers. It is a group for events and information for Brisbane members. Click here to find out more and join the group.

QLD FIFO Network

QLD FIFO Network is a casual network via Facebook to link families in the same situation to discuss common issues and arrange formal and informal meet-ups. For more information, you can read our QLD FIFO Network for Families in Brisbane and you can find and join the group here.

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FIFO Partners Brisbane

FIFO Partners Brisbane is a meetup group for anyone whose partner works away from home. It is a group for people who want to make friends with others who are in the same position and want to still enjoy a social life and have fun. You can visit to find out about upcoming meetups and to join the group.

Counselling services

In some situations, it can be appropriate and helpful to get professional support to help your family and your relationship to cope with the pressures of the FIFO lifestyle. There are many options that offer these services in Brisbane, such as the following.

Mens Information and Support Association

Mens Information and Support Association in Strathpine offers Fly-in Fly-out relationship counselling for men and couples. It also offers child counselling if appropriate. You can find out more at

The Hart Centre

The Hart Centre has useful information resources on FIFO and DIDO (drive-in, drive-out) relationships. They also have relationship psychologists in locations all around Brisbane who can help with any specific problems you may have and can even do phone or Skype sessions, so you can get help even when apart. Visit for further details.

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Vision Psychology

Vision Psychology offers tips for FIFO relationships on their website at They also help to support people in FIFO relationships through their individual and couples therapy options. Vision Psychology is located in Mt Gravatt and also has a clinic in Loganholme. You can find out more through their website at

FIFO Blogs to follow

When FIFO becomes part of your life it is important to continuously focus on what you are grateful for and surround yourself with positive like-minded people. It is also okay to feel lonely from time to time and it is okay not to be okay as long as you know there are support services out there who can give you strategies to rise.

There are lots of FIFO partners who have chosen to set up blogs to share their stories and in turn help people like you to feel like you aren’t alone. the fifo’s wife blog on surviving life as a fifo wife and mother to three boys. This fifolife is great but it can make or break your relationships. My Fifo Family allows parents to educate their children about their Fifo lifestyle through a series of fun and engaging products and resources. My FIFO (Fly-in Fly-out) Life. Just some ramblings of my life as a FIFOworker in Western Australia

Try and set traditions in place that support the FIFO lifestyle rather than fighting to pretend it isn’t happening. Let your children’s educators know, let your friends and family know and ask for help when you need it. Brisbane FIFO is a massive loyal community of families all facing a commonality that bonds them together uniquely. USE that bond to forge friendships and grow stronger. You have got this!

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