Ferny Grove Aqua Park

kids playing at Ferny Grove splash pad

Residents of north-west Brisbane are set to get very wet this summer, thanks to the new $1.5 million Ferny Grove Aqua Park which is now open to the public! The Ferny Grove Aqua Park offers an interactive water play environment that is accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

Ferny Grove Aqua Park Water Play

Features of Ferny Grove Aqua Park

Ferny Grove Aqua Park features a level splash pad area which provides access for all with elevated water-play elements including a huge water bucket, small tipping buckets, spray tunnel, water cannons, and an overhead spray feature. There are a massive 24 ground elements including arch sprays, stream jets, bubblers, misting ground sprayers, and themed sprayers. Accessibility has been further considered in the design with an interactive water table that provides wheelchair access as well as toddler play.

This is not a massive water park, but it is substantial, and will no doubt prove to be a welcome respite on hot afternoons. Parents can keep a watchful eye on their little ones from the tiered seating walls that also act as a barrier. Shade trees have been planted along this wall and they will be a welcome addition when they can offer shade. In the meantime bring an umbrella or picnic blanket and take some space under the existing trees.

For families that want to make the most of the location, the electric bbq’s and picnic facilities and toilets have made this possible. This would be an ideal space for a kids birthday party. Car parking is fairly limited and may become an issue on days when the sun is shining hot and the skies blue. The best part is this facility is absolutely free for families to use making this a popular go to destination.

Ferny Grove Aqua Park is located on the corner of Samford Road and Upper Kedron Road – Ferny Grove

More family-friendly development in Ferny Grove

The opening of the new aqua park follows a previous state-government announcement of a $9 million Ferny Grove Train Station precinct development, which will add 253 car parking spaces, in addition to the 620 existing car parking spaces currently at the train station. Brisbane families will also benefit from the construction of an eight screen cinema, a supermarket, restaurants and residential units, all within the Ferny Grove Train Station precinct.

Other family friendly things to do near Ferny Grove

Further down Samford Rd, (towards Ferny Grove station), parents will find a skate park boasting two bowls in a figure eight construction. Existing local services in the area that welcome Brisbane Kids include the Ferny Grove Tavern and the Brisbane Tramway museum, also located at Ferny Grove. If you were wanting to keep your whole body wet, then head to the Ferny Hills Pool which is just around the corner, which also features kids water play features.

For more water parks in Brisbane and surrounding areas, check out our review of the best free water parks and plan your next outing!

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3 responses to “Ferny Grove Aqua Park”

  1. Sabine says:

    I’m disappointed that they didn’t make use of the whole space! It could’ve been so much bigger! Also I would say that the parking is grossly inadequate . I’m really disappointed as I was looking forward to the opening of this park. Why can’t the council get it right?

  2. Dawn Benes says:

    Goodness me be grateful.

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