YMCA Jamboree Heights Kindergym in West Brisbane

Making Kids Shine

YMCA Jamboree Heights Kindergym is a physical and social developmental program for children from crawling to 5 years of age in an inclusive, safe and multi-sensory environment. Programs are designed and delivered by qualified instructors to ensure that motor, cognitive, social and emotional learning is achieved in a fun and engaging way.

Build a stronger child in Body, Mind and Spirit

YMCA Jamboree Heights Kindergym, gymnastics for kids

YMCA Jamboree Heights Kindergym is one of the most comprehensive ‘lifestyle’ exercise programs for children. It is an ideal way to develop strength, coordination, confidence and self-esteem. Studies have also shown that through the development of neurological pathways, Kindergym can also promote longer attention spans, increased communication skills, and can even improve a child’s reading ability.

At the YMCA Jamboree Heights, their mission is to develop people in ‘Mind, Body and Spirit’, and Kindergym is a foundation program.


  • Children will develop motor skills.
  • Children will develop strength.
  • Children will develop balance.
  • Children will develop coordination.


  • Children will develop cognitive skills.
  • Children will develop imagination.
  • Children will develop initiative.


  • Children will develop self-confidence.
  • Children will embrace new challenges.
  • Children will develop new friendships and social skills.

A new adventure every fortnight

YMCA Jamboree Heights Kindergym, gymnastics for kids

YMCA Jamboree Heights Kindergym aims to promote your child’s “imagination” and “creativity” through uniquely themed programs. Combining gymnastics apparatus with decorations, costumes and activities, children can explore their creativity and challenge their physical attributes through a new and exciting adventure every fortnight.

“Creative thinking fosters mental growth while physical exercise promotes healthy development”

Your role in building a stronger child

Kindergym is a parent-assisted program where you and your child are able to enjoy quality time together, developing positive, nurturing relationships with each other. Childminding is available, with qualified, experienced and friendly staff to look after your second and/or third child.  This enables you to spend one on one time with your child enrolled in their program.


YMCA Jamboree Heights Kindergym, gymnastics for kids

Both my little ones have done Gymnastics at YMCA Jamboree and they had an absolute ball! The staff were fantastic and the classes really enjoyable. A great local facility!” – Jessica P.

I took my daughter to her first gymnastics class today (she is 2 and 1/2). She loved it! The trainers were fantastic with the children, so patient and friendly.” – Emily W.

My daughter does gymnastics here… the teachers are awesome!” – Cindy B.

Gymnastics program is great.” – Leonie K.


YMCA Jamboree Heights Kindergym, gymnastics for kids

YMCA Jamboree Heights Kindergym offers varying levels of Kindergym classes:

  • Baby Gym – 45 mins (crawling to 2 years)
  • Gym Tots – 45 mins (2-4 years)
  • Gym Tots Plus – 45 mins (3-4 years)
  • Mini Gym – 1 hr (4-5 years)
  • Siblings Gym – 1 hr (2 children per parent, crawling-5 years)

Contact YMCA Jamboree Heights today and their friendly staff will assist you.

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