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In an often busy and stressful world, Tree Kids Yoga helps children slow down and connect with their mind and body. Yoga for kids is fun, challenging, and of course relaxing. Led by a qualified teacher, weekly classes are held in West End for children aged 3 to 15 years and family classes.

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What does Tree Kids Yoga offer?

  • Small class sizes where your child’s individuality will be appreciated and nurtured
  • A warm and fun environment where you and your child will feel valued
  • Carefully planned classes that involve the physical aspects of yoga as well as mindful breathing and meditation
  • Classes led by a Bachelor trained Early Childhood Teacher and registered Children’s Yoga Teacher 
  • A learning program that progresses throughout the term by building on skills each week
  • A focus on connecting children to nature and a respect for the environment

Types of classes at Tree Kids Yoga

Types of classes

Tree Kids Yoga offers four types of classes to cater for different age groups:

Junior | Primary | Teens | Family Yoga

Junior (3 to 5 yrs):

For younger children, yoga is taught in a fun and relaxed way through music, rhyme and yoga stories.

Primary (6 to 10 yrs):

For this age group, classes are a mix of drama, music and yoga. Classes are still light-hearted and fun and include creative activities, games and partner yoga. Children also learn yoga more deeply in these classes and are encouraged to learn and remember different poses and sequences.

Teens (11 to 15 yrs):

This older age group enjoy a more formal yoga class, and students are challenged to persevere and master different poses. Students are taught about the principles of yoga and are given tools to cope with stress and anxiety through teen appropriate meditation and mindfulness exercises. These classes also include some fun drama type games and partner yoga activities.

Family Yoga (parents & children):

This is a wonderful way for parents and kids to connect with each other and share their love (or discovery!) of yoga together.

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What are the benefits of yoga and meditation for kids?

Through conscious movement and asana practice, children and teenagers can develop their physical strength, co-ordination, balance and concentration. Yoga can also improve their confidence and self-esteem, as they discover all of the amazing things their bodies can do. Through mindfulness and meditation, children can relax and calm their busy minds. Carefully planned exercises can help them better understand their emotions, develop empathy, and cope with stress and anxiety.

Why the name Tree Kids?

The word “tree” in Tree Kids Yoga is inspired by the much-loved tree pose, but also represents a belief that children benefit from being connected with the natural environment. The studio models eco-friendly practices, and incorporates natural and sustainable materials into classes as much as possible.

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Lucy was the Director of my eldest daughter’s Kindy. She had an amazing way of communicating with the children and a wonderful respect for them and their joy in learning. I now have another child, 2 years old. We have been following Lucy’s Tree Kids Yoga classes online. My daughter loves it! I’ve tried to do yoga with her – it is how you imagine – but Lucy has her following the story and moving into the poses. Lucy’s expressive personality combined with her engaging storytelling skills seem to be just the ticket to begin my daughter’s journey in yoga.‘ – Ange F

We first met Lucy when she looked after our daughter at daycare. Lucy went above and beyond, the bond she created with Alice was based on trust and love. All Alice did was speak of Lucy and what she had learnt, and couldn’t wait for the weekend to end to see Lucy again. Lucy didn’t just do this with our daughter, she took everyone on at that level. Her approach was more than professional, it was impeccable. Lucy moved away and learnt children’s yoga, and our daughter recently watched her YouTube channel. She was drawn in with concentration, interaction and most importantly, yoga. We have noticed during Alice’s time with Lucy that she has become more aware, her concentration has improved, she has a huge sense of morale and recognises her feelings and how to efficiently deal with them.‘ – Kate & Justin K

Visit for more information, or follow their Facebook page (Tree Kids Yoga – Brisbane) for kids yoga exercises you can try at home.

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