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Does your child love to wiggle, jump and move? Harness that creative energy with the relaxed and fun classes offered by Balance Dance School!

Toddler Creative Dance

Balance Dance School offers specialised early years dance programs created by school Principal, Rebecca. The Toddler Creative Dance class is a fun, friendly and interactive introduction to dance using props, engaging music and nursery rhymes, and is based on children’s natural movements of running, skipping, galloping, jumping and turning.

This class builds on imaginative and creative responses and offers a fun bonding experience for a toddler and a grown-up to attend together.

Kinder Creative Ballet

Kinder Creative Ballet is for children who are between 3-5 years. This next step is a gentle introduction to classical ballet and contemporary dance, designed to develop coordination, self-confidence, body awareness and social skills. The emphasis is still very much on creativity and enjoyment, not technique. Grown-ups are welcome to watch from the back of the class.

jazz dance for kids and contemporary ballet for kids


The philosophy behind Balance Dance School’s Toddler Creative Dance and Kinder Creative Ballet classes is to provide children with a creative sanctuary where they can express themselves through imaginative dance and creative movement. The focus in the classes is on the process rather than the product; removing any expectations of achievement. The classes have been designed to nurture the emotional, cognitive and physical development of pre-school aged children.

Continuing with dance

If your child wishes to continue dancing through their school years, Balance offers classes that follow the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus, as well as jazz and contemporary dance.

Examinations are also offered, though not compulsory, and the opportunity to perform for an audience in an end-of-year concert.

Balance Dance School

About Balance Dance School

Located in Bulimba and Norman Park, Balance Dance School is a family-orientated dance school run by industry professionals who are committed to empowering children by nurturing creating and inspiring a love of dance with classes from 20 months of age.

Balance Dance School’s Principal Rebecca Wagner is herself a former professional dancer with the Royal New Zealand Ballet as well as holding a tertiary qualification in dance education (Honors Degree). She believes that early childhood dance should be about fun, imagination, fitness, teamwork, building gross and fine motor skills and confidence.

Contact Balance Dance School on 0415729030 or visit to find out more about the unique, inclusive and relaxed approach to learning to dance.

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