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The Tippy Toe Co.

The Tippy Toe Co. (TTTC) is an inclusive dance and movement program for children and young people (aged 3-18 years) with special needs. The class sizes are kept small (up to 8 students), with a teacher ratio of 1:1 or 1:2, ensuring each student is individually supported whilst being part of a warm group environment. The Tippy Toe Co. currently have over 50 students, of all ages, genders and abilities, and have worked with over 130 families since they started in 2013.

Current Programs

The Tippy Toe Co. currently offers Jazz/Hip Hop on Tuesdays, Ballet on Thursdays, and all styles on Saturdays at the Active Eight Studio in Toowong, Brisbane (see website for class and location times).

The Tippy Toe Co.

The Tippy Toe Co. Teaching Faculty

What makes The Tippy Toe Co. programs unique is their team of experienced instructors, assistants and volunteers, who inspire and teach in magical ways. Many of the staff combine their allied health backgrounds with a passion for creative arts and a desire to make a difference in the community. The program is led by none other than Principal Teacher and Co-founder Courtney Crack (RAD RTS ARAD & BSHSPE), who received her Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies from the Royal Academy of Dance in London whilst also completing a Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Education at The University of Queensland. The Tippy Toe Co.’s teaching faculty, currently comprising of 15 amazing staff, have been dancing and teaching for a combined 189 years!

The Tippy Toe Co.

Special Needs Dance & Movement Program Benefits

All programs are carefully designed and regularly fine-tuned to fit individual and class requirements, with a focus on encouraging motor-active skills, stamina, concentration, musical awareness, flexibility, expression, coordination and creativity. As the term progresses you can expect to see your child articulate parts of the body, demonstrate a variety of dance positions, link musicality and movement, and perform a short routine. The Tippy Toe Co. are very fortunate to have many special schools, allied health professionals and therapists across Brisbane recommend their programs for the social, emotional and physical benefits—providing a truly holistic approach to wellbeing.

The Tippy Toe Co.

Beyond the Classroom

More than anything else, TTTC is a welcoming and supportive community that accepts all students and is willing to work with families to make the necessary adaptions to ensure the benefits of group activities can be enjoyed by all. Regularly attending classes is not only beneficial for students, but also parents and siblings, as they connect with other like-minded families. Many a playdate and birthday party invite started with The Tippy Toe Co.

The Tippy Toe Co.

Enrolment Process & Tuition

If you would like to trial The Tippy Toe Co.’s program, then please get in touch by submitting an enquiry or enrolment form on their website. Each class costs $20 and is invoiced on a term by term basis, with most terms going for 8-10 weeks. They also encourage students to feel the part by wearing a TTTC supplied uniform. The Tippy Toe Co. has proudly partnered with the Queensland Governments Get Started Program, which provides vouchers of $150 to go towards extra-curricular costs, apply online via their QGrants portal.

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