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The Online Debating Club for Grade 4 to 8 students

If you enjoy public speaking and winning arguments, or just want to find out more about the joy of debating, then join The Online Debating Club. If you are in Grades 4 to 8 then you can attend the weekly online classes. You will participate in debating, quick thinking and public speaking games whilst preparing for the Online Evening Debates. You will have the opportunity to debate against teams in Brisbane and beyond.

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What is The Online Debating Club?

Debating Australia offers The Online Debating Club, which is held during school terms. Classes are open to students in Grades 4 to 8. Students attend one online class per week with a Debating Coach and fellow aspiring debaters (ie. in a class of up to 8 students). All you need to do is choose one weekly class that works for you from the following available class times and contact Debating Australia to join:

  • Monday to Friday 7:10 to 7:55 am
  • Monday to Thursday 3:45 to 4:30 pm
  • Monday to Thursday 4:35 to 5:20 pm

Term 1 runs for 8 weeks and students will be introduced to debating skills and terminology whilst preparing for and participating in 2 class debates against their fellow class members. This allows participants to build confidence and familiarity with the formalities of debating.

During Terms 2 to 4, students will work closely with their team and Debating Coach in order to prepare for their 2 Online Evening Debates, held each Term. By the end of the year, they will have participated in 8 debates.

Online Evening Debates

The 2 Online Evening Debates are held from 6pm on varying weeknights, normally in week 5 and week 10 each Term. These Online Evening Debates will see participants debating against teams from other classes.

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What skills will be gained at The Online Debating Club?

Participants will learn to define the topic, brainstorm arguments for both the affirmative and negative teams, effectively use a model or counter-model to their advantage, rank the arguments, carry out research, use reliable sources, write a powerfully persuasive speech, rebut their opponent’s arguments and deliver their speech with flair.

During class, students will be encouraged to share their ideas, contribute to their team’s case and strengthen their public speaking skills by participating in fun games and activities.

They will be given the opportunity to speak in all speaker positions during the year, so that they may assess which role best suits their speaking style.

Throughout their time with Debating Australia, participants will see their critical thinking skills improve and their ability to structure and organize their thoughts enhanced. Their ability to form balanced, informed arguments and to use reasoning and evidence will grow. Students will build new friendships and consider many different points of view. Debating will open their minds to the world and its many possibilities!

The Term 1, 2021 class fee is $136. To register, please contact [email protected].

Why join The Online Debating Club?

Joining The Online Debating Club allows participants to build life long skills and gain broad, multi-faceted knowledge which cuts across several disciplines outside their normal academic subjects, in a fun and engaging way.

Online classes mean that students can log into their class from anywhere without ever missing a lesson.

Online competitions mean that students can attend even if their family might have other commitments on that night.

Being online means that participants could be working with or debating against someone who comes from a very different background to theirs and who brings a fresh and inspired perspective on the topic and issues.

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Frequently asked questions

Are the speeches written in class?

Over the 4 to 5 classes prior to the Online Evening Debate, students will work in class and at home to develop their speech. They will work on the ideas and approaches in class. Coaches will assist in explaining participant’s points. Students will be assisted by their team to find persuasive evidence which will support their arguments, however, they will write their speech at home in their own time.

Can parents watch the Online Evening Debates?

Yes, parents are invited to attend the Online Evening Debates. To ensure child safety, all attendees must be clearly identified before they can be admitted to the online event.

Which video conferencing platform does Debating Australia use?

Debating Australia holds a license with Zoom. You do not need to subscribe to Zoom. Debating Australia issues participants with an invitation to attend class.

How is safe online usage monitored?

Debating Australia Coaches hold Blue Cards and are trained to uphold its child safety strategy, policies and procedures. Coaches will also clearly set out expectations of internet use to students in class. Child Safety is everyone’s responsibility and Debating Australia encourages parents to familiarise themselves with its Child Safety Strategy.  Parents are asked to ensure that students are online in a public space at home and are set up at an appropriate workspace so that internet usage can be monitored from home.  


Just wanted to say thanks for all the work put into the debating class at MacGregor SS, particularly in the rapid change to move everything online this year. I think my son got a lot out of it and I hope he’ll continue next year” – Karen (parent from MacGregor SS)

It’s been a great year and you can see how far they’ve all come – carrying all sorts of skills now. Thank you so much to you and your team. 💫💐 ” – Alison (parent from Hilder Road SS).

In this unprecedented time, I appreciate your eagerness to conduct virtual debating lessons. They have been going great and we don’t feel our daughter has missed anything by not being there in person. It has been quite convenient for us full-time working parents. Your and your team’s efforts are highly appreciated” – Suchi (parent from MacGregor SS).

To find out more about The Online Debating Club, please visit the Debating Australia website.

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