The Get GRIT resilience and social skills program

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Empowering kids. Connecting families. Promoting positive mental health.

The Get GRIT program empowers kids with the knowledge and skills to maintain a healthy mind and positive well-being.

​Get GRIT teaches children how to:

  • Manage their emotions,
  • Enjoy healthy and positive relationships,
  • Develop a growth mindset,
  • Be resilient,
  • Be persistent,
  • Be optimistic,
  • Tackle life’s challenges with grit, and
  • Reach their true potential.  

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What will my child learn?

The word grit is often used to describe resilience, perseverance and determination. The Get GRIT program aims to develop grit and much more. GRIT is an acronym for Getting Along, Building Resilience, Identifying Emotions and Taking Responsibility.

Participants will learn to:

Get Along: Establish and build positive relationships, maintain positive friendships, negotiate and resolve conflict, be assertive and respond to bullies, communicate effectively.

Build Resilience: Persevere and overcome frustrations and bounce back from adversities, positive self-talk, recognise how thoughts influence our feelings and behaviour.

Identify Emotions: Recognise, manage and monitor emotional responses, apply strategies to reduce anxiety and anger management, develop empathy.

Take Responsibility: Develop a growth mindset, make positive and responsible decisions, develop self-discipline, set goals and take risks.

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Why Get GRIT?

A child’s social and emotional development is the foundation for learning and has a significant impact on how they cope and enjoy school life. Social and emotional skills, like any other skill, need to be explicitly taught and practiced. Research has demonstrated that children who are explicitly taught social and emotional skills are more likely to succeed at school, develop healthy relationships and are less likely to develop mental health problems. A child’s ability to self-regulate emotions and successfully manage social interactions is critical to success in school and beyond. The Get GRIT program was developed by School Guidance Counsellor Michele Lund in response to parents and teachers seeking a program that teaches children the necessary social and emotional skills to successfully navigate school and life.

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Get GRIT Can Help Your Child If They Are Experiencing:​

  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem/confidence
  • Difficulties with social skills
  • Negative self-talk
  • Fixed mindset 
  • Difficulties making and keeping friends
  • Dealing with grief, loss or trauma (including parent separation)
  • Difficulties understanding and managing emotions

Age-Appropriate Groups

​Get GRIT offers two programs to children in primary school. Each program is developmentally sensitive, similar in content but with age-appropriate activities and techniques. The Lower Primary Program is offered to children aged 5-8 years. The Upper Primary Program is offered to children aged 9-12 years.

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Delivered by an Experienced Teacher

Delivered in small groups, by an experienced teacher, the Get GRIT program explicitly teaches these skills through games, songs, stories, discussions and hands-on activities.

The Term program involves five 2 hour sessions offered on a Sunday morning. The holiday intensive program involves five 2 hour sessions offered from Monday-Friday during the school holidays. Parents receive email updates with key concepts taught and activities to encourage discussion at home. Get GRIT’s aim is to not only teach invaluable life skills to your child but also build parent capacity to support your child’s emotional health and wellbeing.

Get GRIT Journal 

Each child who participates in the program will receive Get GRIT’s self-guided journal. The journal plays a very important role in the program. The Get GRIT Journal will provide parents with the tools to better connect with their child and teach life-long skills which will serve them in every area of their life. Children are encouraged to meet each week with a journal mate (parent or member of their family) who they can share their journaling experience with.  The journal provides reflection and rehearsal of skills outside of the group sessions.  

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What People Say About Get GRIT

I thought I would just touch base with you, a few months on from completing the Get Grit program with our beautiful daughter. We are working very slowly through the journal at home, taking our time and enjoying the moments this has given us. We have both seen an incredible improvement in her emotive language, her choice of words around her feelings and thoughts and her ability to calm and soothe her worries with the techniques you have given her. She is approaching difficult situations with ‘I can’ thoughts which was one reason for seeking your program as she had approached many situations with a negative, worried or nervous attitude. Something that developed as she navigated her formal school life! We are truly grateful for your Get Grit Program and for the time that you gave to our daughter at the end of last year. The impact you have made on our little girl’s life will be immeasurable!‘ ​​- website testimony

My son aged 8, was struggling with low self-esteem and his negative internal dialogue. Although he has always been a very likeable child and played well with others making friends quite easily, I had noticed the small negative remarks from some peers were influencing the view he had of himself in an awfully negative way. He was simply becoming more negative in all areas. My heart was breaking with statements from him such as “I’m no good at anything, there’s always someone who’s better than me” or “I don’t like myself, what’s there to like?” I was becoming very concerned that the negative mindset he was struggling to see past, would soon become fixed. “I can’t….yet” is the most powerful change I have seen in his behaviour in the past 3 weeks since the course. I’ve been able to remind him about the phrases he was taught and it very quickly becomes a positive shift in his overall behaviour. He has a workbook that he has since turned back to- coloured in and completed extra activities (all while reminding and refreshing the teachings). He now has coping strategies for dealing with negative statements from others and his worries. Not allowing it to become a reflection of himself; something I had tried many times to help with but I never hit the mark. I would recommend Get GRIT class for any child seeking support for a negative mindset, a closed mindset or anxiety and worries. The program also discussed friendships; making and being a good friend and I can see how this would benefit many children also.  On our last morning Master 8 said, ‘Can I go back to that class next holidays too?’ – Facebook testimony

Extraordinary program – I wish this program was taught to every child. Enormously practical life skills and strategies for when the going gets tough that I would never have thought to teach her. I am so, so glad we did this program.’ – Facebook testimony

My son recently completed the Get GRIT program and he enjoyed it and found it very worthwhile. He has been able to use the skills and concepts learnt in the sessions and apply it in real-life, day to day situations. The weekly emails and activity book allowed me to understand what was being covered and how sessions were being facilitated. I’m so pleased I enrolled my son in the Get GRIT program, especially now as he is about to start high school.’ – Facebook testimony

​’A fantastic program, my 6 year old absolutely loved the lessons and couldn’t wait to go back each week.’ – Facebook testimony​

My 6 year old daughter was lucky enough to do the Get Grit course this year after I’d noticed her self talk had become slightly negative and her general resilience in school and with friends had lessened. I can not speak more highly of the course and the journal she received. We did the chapters of the journal together at dinner time as a family and included my 4 year old daughter in the conversations. There were so many gentle reminders for us as adults throughout the journal and my husband and I loved the conversations. Articulating emotions and normalising every emotion has been a gift for our family and improved our communication. The course itself was excellent and referring back to the journal in the months since has been very helpful. My daughter’s negative self talk and self confidence has improved significantly. I’m very grateful to Michele for developing such an important course that all kids would benefit from.’ – website testimony

My son participated in the school holiday program last June. Our biggest concerns were his confidence, self-esteem and mindset. He had a lot of negative self-talk. It was also having an impact on his social life. 2 months on and we have seen a huge improvement in his mindset, his confidence and his overall wellbeing. The teachers were fabulous and my son loved going every day. I didn’t expect him to enjoy the sessions as much as he did. He was happy to go back every day. We too learned so much from the program. The journal was great as it allowed us to speak the same language and to reinforce the learning from the group sessions. Not only should every child do this program, but every adult too! Thank you Michele and the Get GRIT Team.’ – Website Testimony.

After going to GRIT I feel like I can handle my emotions better and make good choices.  I remember learning about how I am the boss of my feelings and my thoughts.  I really liked learning about having a growth mindset and how I can challenge my brain and do anything I put your mind to.  I really liked the fun games and meeting new friends.‘ – Ethan, student

To find out more about Get GRIT, please head to their website at or email [email protected].

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