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We all deserve a little magic in our lives and, at The Cauldrons Cafe and Emporium, the magic is just a skip, sip and spell away. The Cauldrons Cafe and Emporium serves refreshments and sweet treats amongst exclusive Harry Potter collectibles and limited edition licensed merchandise – not to mention their hosting of trivia nights and wizard themed parties Brisbane!

How did the magic start?

Born out of a love for all things Harry Potter, Cauldrons’ owner Gabe Fuller took his passion for the fantastical and decided to make it more than just a hobby.

After losing his job due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he created a retail space designed as a safe haven for fellow Potter enthusiasts to come together and find quality collectibles and merchandise not readily available anywhere else physically in Queensland.

The Cauldrons Cafe & Emporium Hogwarts Lego.

What wonders does The Cauldrons Cafe and Emporium offer?

With over 25 years experience in retail, Gabe has a strong passion for providing excellent customer service. When you visit The Cauldrons Cafe and Emporium, you will be not only stepping into an environment of wonder, but one serviced by Gabe and his friendly team of Potterheads, ready to lavish an inclusive, enjoyable experience for their visitorsā€”both in-store and online.

After a Pop! Vinyl of Harry Potter? A replica of the Nimbus 2000? Or how about a limited edition film cell from the iconic film series? Whether you’re a Hufflepuff, a Ravenclaw, a Slytherin, or a Gryffindor, The Cauldrons Cafe and Emporium caters to each house and individual enthusiast, assuring a uniquely catered experience.

And, if you don’t consider yourself a die-hard fan, there’s no need to fear! Their cafe facilities provide sweet and savoury treats, world-class coffee (courtesy of famed local outlet Extraction) and fizzy delights, so you’ll leave a satisfied customer.

The Cauldrons Cafe & Emporium party space 2.

Wizard Themed Parties Brisbane

In addition to their room of requirements, The Cauldrons Cafe and Emporium offer incredible themed birthday parties.

As they themselves are a business built on celebrating one’s own uniqueness, Cauldrons have created their own party space for every child (and even the adults too!) to revel in their specialness for the day. With a dedicated host, prizes to win, games to play and potions to make, the Cauldrons Potion Party is the perfect set-up for any wizard-in-the-making to commemorate themselves.

Monthly Trivia Nights

The Cauldrons Cafe and Emporium embraces community interaction, hosting magic-filled trivia nights monthly.

If you think you have the right knowledge (or even if you don’t!), the monthly trivia events provide a haven of humour as you sound off against each other; winning sweet prizes throughout the night.

The Cauldrons Cafe & Emporium wall of potions.


What a great shop for wizards and muggles alike. So much lovely things to look at while enjoying a very good coffee made by the lovely and friendly young lady there. Definitely recommend a visit if looking for a decent coffee.” – Toni

With no way to fly to Potter World, how wonderful to find a fabulous mini-Potter World on our doorstep! Grab a cup of good coffee and enjoy plenty of fun themed Potter snacks and cakes, and plan the gifts you’ll buy your Potter fan children and friends for birthdays and Christmas!” – Sue

Friendly staff, if you a Harry Potter fan it is a must to visit this place. Now with party room can’t wait to go back šŸ˜” – Cheryl

Great party room, friendly staff, great coffee, awesome food boxes” – Nicky

The Cauldrons Cafe & Emporium table with candles and owl.

The Magic Awaits!

Why wait any longer to step into the magic and deliciousness of The Cauldrons Cafe and Emporium?!

Should you have any questions about their stock and supply or events, the team is eagerly awaiting your queries. There’s nothing too out of this realm they can’t answer!

Find out more and plan your magical event on The Cauldrons Cafe and Emporium website.

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