Swimming Lessons in Everton Hills with Dipadees Swim School

We know you will love the Dipadees difference!

Dipadees’ expert teachers and beautifully designed baby, toddler and kindy programs provide a positive, enjoyable experience for you and your little one. Activities have been carefully chosen so your child will enjoy their time in the pool, while feeling safe and comfortable learning aquatic skills. Learning to swim may be your child’s very first educational experience, a time of bonding and learning, and an experience that needs to be positive and one to treasure. Dipadees’ baby and toddler teachers know this and will chat to you about your child’s needs in the water and provide feedback and tips to help you every step of the way.

Swimming lessons at Dipadees


Founded by Barbara Nolan, the Dipadees swim program is child-focused and guarantees highly-trained swimming teachers at every level. Barbara believes that a fun and caring approach sets Dipadees swim school apart from others – it’s what allows children to relax and enjoy themselves while they learn to swim.

Learning to swim is a vital and potentially lifesaving skill, particularly here in Queensland where pools and beaches feature so predominantly in our lifestyle. Dipadees Swim School is a Swim Australia registered school that is dedicated to ensuring children are water safe.

Babies from three months can begin with the free Baby Bubble classes – a lovely and gentle aquatic experience that introduces babies to the pool. Children can then progress through the classes until they’re old enough for squad training.

Semi-private swim classes in Brisbane

Happy child under water, learn to swim, Dipadees Swim School

Dipadees’ small, semi private kindy kid classes are just the best fun! Using equipment such as water slides, special “islands” and other fun props, not to mention a good dollop of humour, your busy little kindy kid will be totally engaged in their watery environment and the safety skills they are learning. Ever so gently, and without force, they will learn confidence and a love of the water and then progress to skills such as turning around and kicking back to the side if they fall in as well as floating, treading water and effectively kicking around the pool. Once proficient in basic safety skills your child will then learn the more formal strokes such as freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke.

Year-round swim lessons in Dipadees’ heated pool

Dipadees in Everton Hills

Dipadees’ spacious private pool and warm water allows your child to continue learning year-round and through the many Dipadees swim levels. Parents appreciate the opportunity their child has to master a larger body of water and longer distances in privacy and away from the noise and crowds of a public pool.

FREE extra lessons over the school holidays!

Dipadees in Everton Hills

Learning to swim takes time and lots of contact with water, this is why Dipadees provide their customers with FREE extra swim lessons over the school holidays – they want your child to swim and know that more water time means faster progress.

Teaching Brisbane kids to swim for over 40 years

With 40 wonderful years teaching children to swim, parents can be assured that Dipadees provides the very best learn to swim experience for their children. For more information on their swim levels and lots of learn to swim resources, please visit their website, or call (07) 3355 1550.


Images thanks to the talent of Photographer Trisha Ann Roy.

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