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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education is an extremely rapidly growing area of interest in Australia. Every day, more and more educators and parents are becoming aware of the need to equip our children with interest, experience and knowledge in areas such as Coding, Electronics and Robotics.

Samford-based STEM Punks offers STEM classes for kids all over Australia, which are designed to teach children the fundamental building blocks of STEM in a fun and engaging learning environment.

STEMPunks, STEM classes for kids

Why do we need STEM classes for kids?

STEM is already an important part of the Australian educational landscape, and will only continue to grow in importance for our kids. In fact, future trends see over 75% of jobs requiring knowledge or qualifications in STEM related fields. (PwC report 2015) So it’s important that we act today to give our kids the best chance in the future.

STEMPunks, STEM classes for kids

What is STEM Punks?

Established by local innovator, entrepreneur, businessman and father of three, Michael Holmstrom, STEM Punks was established to meet the demand for inspiring, engaging and hands-on STEM classes for kids. STEM Punks offers a whole range of STEM classes for kids in Brisbane from its innovation centre in central Samford. Their classrooms are equipped with modern, child-friendly and fun learning facilities that enable kids to make the most of their learning experience. What’s more, STEM Punks provides all of the equipment your child needs, so they get to use the latest technology without it costing you a fortune.

STEMPunks, STEM classes for kids

What is unique about STEM Punks STEM classes for kids in Brisbane?

The best thing about STEM Punks is that the classes not only teach the fundamentals of STEM, but they also apply this teaching with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. This process allows the students to explore STEM and apply these skills to solve real-world problems.

The STEM Punks mission is simple — to inspire tomorrow’s innovators!

STEMPunks, STEM classes for kids

What classes does STEM Punks offer?

STEM Punks classes are taught by innovators to inspire the kids to become future entrepreneurs and innovators. The classes cover a broad range of areas, including Creative Coding, Electronics and Robotics, utilising the latest resources in STEM education. The STEM Punks coding programs are based on a curriculum from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and software by the MIT Media Lab.

STEM Punks also offers Advanced STEM Programs that are delivered as creative boot camps during school holidays. Plus STEM Punks provides innovative STEM programs for schools as part of their after-school activities.


STEM classes for kids in Brisbane


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