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Speechcare are a dedicated team of speech pathologists who have been providing high quality and caring speech pathology services to families in Brisbane since 1992.

About Speech Pathology

Speech pathologists are allied health professionals who are trained to assess and treat communication and feeding disorders.

Communication begins at birth and is how we connect and bond with our children. If children have difficulty with communication they can become frustrated or withdrawn. It is important to seek help early to help your child to make vital connections with people. The Speechcare team is experienced in dealing with children. They know how to make kids feel comfortable and to make therapy fun.

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Communication disorders include:

Language Delay: Children who are late talkers, have limited vocabulary development, find it difficult to express themselves or who experience difficulty following directions

Speech delay: Children who are difficult to understand, find it difficult to sequence sounds correctly or who produce speech sound errors beyond the acceptable age.

Stuttering: Children who produce repetitions, prolongations, and blocking of sounds and syllables.

Social Difficulties: Children who have difficulty understanding and using social language conventions and difficulties seeing things from another person’s perspective.

Literacy Difficulties: Children who find it difficult to learn the decoding skills necessary for learning to read or the encoding skills necessary for learning to spell or who may be able to read but find it difficult to comprehend the text.

Voice Disorders: Children who have husky voices as a result of incorrect use of their voice, have unusual intonation patterns or use inappropriately loud or soft voices.

Feeding Difficulties: Feeding difficulties include difficulties with the skills required to eat and drink including sucking (in babies), biting, chewing and swallowing. It also can include food refusal resulting in a very limited range of foods or a restricted way in which children will accept foods.

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Why choose Speechcare for your child?

Conveniently located in Carina close to public transport and with dedicated parking and pram access, Speechcare offers a well resourced, comfortable clinic. Their therapists have many years of experience, commitment to evidence based practice and numerous extra qualifications such as training in Picture Exchange Communication System, Hanen parent and teacher training, Lidcombe and Camperdown interventions for stuttering, PROMPT (Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets) and UQ PAL (Phonological Awareness for Literacy) programme. Speechcare offer school readiness programmes in January each year and provide services on campus at schools.

Speechcare are a Government approved provider with the DSS ‘Helping Children with Autism’ and the ‘Betterstart for Children with a Disability’ initiatives.

From the moment of your first contact with Speechcare their friendly administrative staff is ready and willing to help with your concerns and can provide suitable appointments (usually within the next week).


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