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Speech Clinic is a Kids Speech Pathologist, based in Brisbane. They provide therapy to children in the Brisbane, Bayside, Redland City, Logan City and Northern Gold Coast regions. As speech pathologists, they assess, diagnose and treat communication challenges in children from as early as 16 months through to 18 years of age. Speech Clinic is passionate about supporting children and teens who may need support with: interaction and social skills, speech clarity, young children that are late to talk, fluency (stuttering), understanding and using words and sentences, reading, writing and spelling.


Mobile Speech Pathology in Brisbane

Speech Clinic is an exclusively mobile service, meaning they come to you. As a mobile speech pathologist service, they travel to your child’s home to assess and provide treatment services in the environment that is most natural to the child. This also allows their clinicians to provide a high quality of family-centred practice – ensuring that a child and their family’s needs are considered holistically.

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Early intervention

While Speech Clinic supports many children across their childhood and teenage years. They are strong advocates for early intervention. By recognising the predicting signs of potential speech, language, social skills, literacy challenges in the future, Speech Clinic can act proactively to minimise impacts on social and academic successes in the future.

Specialist Speech Clinic videos for families

Speech Clinic have created a video series called “Speech Pathology The Animated Series”, and we recommend watching some of their videos. Here is one of the first videos.

Clinic values

As a clinic, they strongly value and advocate for:

  • Early intervention and proactive services
  • Family-centred practice
  • Striving to offer the most up-to-date evidence-based services
  • Therapy that is fun and engaging
  • Assessment and therapy that captures and is individually tailored to your child’s unique profile

Working collaboratively to reach your child’s full potential

Speech Clinic loves celebrating each child’s strengths and working collaboratively and specifically to help them reach their full potential. If you have any concerns around your child’s clarity of speech, fluency development, language development (understanding and use of words and sentences in their early years and in the schooling years), social skills, or literacy development, please call Speech Clinic on 1300 62 93 96 or email [email protected]

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