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Builds confidence, changes attitudes and delivers results

NumberWorks‘nWords provides expert after school tuition to help children reach their full potential and exceed expectations. With so much experience and a proven success rate, NumberWorks‘nWords can bring out the best in your child in Maths and English from Prep to Grade 10.

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Tutoring tailored to meet the learning needs your child

Based on the Australian school curriculum, all students are assessed so that their Maths and English tuition programs at NumberWorks‘nWords can be customised to meet their individual needs. All children in grades Prep to 10 can benefit from this program, whether they are falling behind, racing ahead, or simply have more potential than what they are currently achieving.

Lessons are fun and engaging so that learning seems like less of a chore and great progress can be made. Goals are set for every child, progress is closely monitored and feedback is provided on a regular basis.

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NumberWorks’nWords achieves what others cannot

Many people who come to NumberWorks’nWords have tried tutoring before – such as one-on-one in the home – and haven’t had much success. Because the NumberWorks‘nWords program is so engaging, kids achieve far more progress than other methods. It’s very different from what is ‘normal’ tutoring.

NumberWorks’nWords has created a unique and highly successful learning method that encourages each student’s interest in learning, whilst also engaging all of their senses. This interactive and multi-modal approach rewards with constant feedback, which in turn builds confidence and a change in attitude towards school work.

The English and Maths tutoring programs at NumberWorks’nWords are constantly being fine-tuned to accommodate new learning techniques and changes to the education curriculum, thus ensuring the best possible outcome for every child. Because learning at NumberWorks’nWords feels like fun, students respond positively and demonstrate the benefits of this amazing program quickly.

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Specialist tutoring by real people in real places

NumberWorks‘nWords have specialist tuition centres across Brisbane, in Ashgrove, Chermside, Clayfield and Indooroopilly as well as on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Trained specialist Maths and specialist English tutors are available at all locations, offering lessons after school every day of the week during school terms and during some school holidays. We tutor face to face so we get to know all students personally and how they learn best!

A free assessment is provided to determine your child’s strengths and weaknesses and develop learning goals and a plan of action in order to set your child up for success.

To get your child started on the road to education success with NumberWorks’nWords, book a FREE lesson online or phone 1300 386 266.

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What people say about NumberWorks’nWords

“We have tried other tuition places but NumberWorks’nWords make learning fun for our daughter and she looks forward to going each week where her successes are celebrated.  Our daughter was having lots of difficulty at school and felt like she was a failure but the positive influence and assistance from NumbersWorks’nWords has encouraged our daughter to try harder and her school results reflect this.  Don’t look anywhere else.” – P. & J. Rollason (Indooroopilly)

“My son does not enjoy school, homework in fact anything academic! He loves his Numberworks’nWords lessons in fact he looks forward to his lessons each week…I am actually in shock as to the change in him. Very grateful to have found NumberWorks’nWords :)” – H. Heanen (Chevron)

“We came to NumberWorks’nWords when we were at a pretty low point. Our daughter disliked reading, didn’t want to try anymore. Her confidence was low and she felt like a failure- which made us feel horrible and like failures too! After the first meeting, we started our girl two days per week. We have just finished our first term and already we have seen significant improvement in her reading and writing. Her passion is back for learning! Teachers have also commented on this as well! What’s even better – the last day of school term, she got a school award for all of her hard work! We can’t wait for next term and the further improvements! Thanks guys!” – L. Ryan (Chermside)

“My son was struggling to achieve in Maths, since attending NumberWorks’nWords he has mastered strategies which have given him confidence in the classroom.” – K. Zemanek (Chermside)

“Sending Noah to NumberWorks’nWords is the best decision i have ever made for him…i highly recommend it to anyone needing learning support for their child.” – L. Wrench (Indooroopilly)

“My children both attend and love the opportunity to learn at NumberWorks’nWords. It’s the right balance of fun and learning to make little minds grow and extend.” – L. Donaldson (Clayfield)

To find out more, please visit the NumberWorks’n’Words website.

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