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Calling all Innovators and Future Makers, Thinkers and Techies!

The Sheldon LINQ Academy school holiday programs are full-day workshops designed for students from Years 3 to 9 to ignite curiosity and spark creativity and innovation.  They offer a diverse range of workshops, exposing young people to entrepreneurial skills, robotics, drone technologies, design thinking programs, coding and mixed reality development. LINQ Academy’s school holiday programs are designed for primary and high school students and are facilitated by highly regarded registered QLD teachers.

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Workshop benefits

The Sheldon LINQ Academy school holiday workshops are capped at 20 students, allowing facilitators to work closely with each student and ensuring all participants have a positive experience.

A series of unplugged and peer-building activities are built into the program, allowing students to get to know each other and make new friends and connections.

Morning tea and lunch breaks offer safe physical-based activities, providing opportunities for students to play.

Where are the workshops delivered?

The Sheldon LINQ Academy Workshops are held at Sheldon College in Brisbane’s Bayside. The programs are delivered in their state-of-the-art facilities, the LINQ Precinct. The LINQ Precinct, with robotics, artificial intelligence, engineering and rapid prototyping lab, business and incubator hubs, an industry-standard film and television studio and a virtual reality lab, provides a stimulating, energising, agile and proactive experience for students.

Upcoming Workshops 

The September Holiday Workshops will be taking place over the course of 4 days with two new workshops on offer.

Drone Racing -: Wednesday 23 September and Thursday 23 September 2021

Develop piloting skills through hours of practical flight time, theory of drone flight and CASA safety, work in teams whilst being coached by World Number One Drone Pilot! This program is filled with pure action as young people enjoy one of the world’s fastest-growing sports, drone obstacle racing

Unity Game Design – Wednesday 29 September and Thursday 30 September 2021

During this workshop, students will unpack critical game components including media, physics, and commands to design their own 3D Interactive game.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to pack my child food?

Yes, please pack morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a drink bottle.

What do students need to wear?

Students are to wear age-appropriate comfortable clothing and closed-in shoes. Please also pack a hat and wear sunscreen.

Do we need to bring any technology?

No, all tools, devices and resources will be provided.

Where are the workshops held?

The Sheldon LINQ Academy Workshops are held at Sheldon College in Brisbane’s Bayside.

Are the workshops open to the public?

Yes, all workshops are open to the public.


‘Wow! Sarah has just completed the two-day holiday drone workshop, I would like to pass on a huge thank you to the LINQ Academy and the staff members involved, she had a fantastic time, she was able to ask Dr Catherine Ball during a Zoom call about using Telerobotics to operate drones and her finished design and promotional video is amazing! Bursting with pride and feeling so very lucky that she is able to have such wonderful experiences at this amazing school.

Sheldon LINQ Academy is located at 43-77 Taylor Rd, Sheldon QLD 4157.

To find out more and to register your child’s place, please visit the Sheldon LINQ Academy website.

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