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Sesame Lane Vacation Care, holiday care Brisbane

When you don’t have holidays but your school children do, what do you do? Book them into the best Vacation Care program North of Brisbane! Sesame Lane’s Vacation Care program is packed full of fun activities at extended hours keeping children entertained and learning through play, giving you peace of mind.

Sesame Lane Vacation Care children are well looked after, free from boredom and kept active in the school holidays. This unique Vacation Care Program gets children out of the four walls to enjoy our beautiful Brisbane weather, fresh air and activities that build friendships.

Unlike most school based programs, Sesame Lane keeps their groups to a minimum so they can go on exciting excursions to make the most of the time off school. Their in-house days are filled with sports days, baking, arts & crafts, workshops and of course free relaxation time, so everyone is refreshed for the upcoming school term.

What makes Sesame Lane’s Vacation Care so special?

Sesame Lane Vacation Care, holiday care Brisbane

Sesame Lane’s qualified Educators are carefully selected for their passionate and caring dispositions. They make it their mission to understand the needs and personalities of each child, ensuring children feel a true sense of belonging.

Smaller groups also make fun excursions possible! Exciting trips to the movies, ten pin bowling, the beach and local parks are all included in Sesame Lane’s Vacation Care program. With so much on our doorstep in the beautiful North Brisbane area, there’s plenty for children to experience nearby as well as further afield. It’s Sesame Lane’s mission to ensure all children experience meaningful and joyful activities, enriching their childhood.

Sesame Lane’s Vacation Care programs are developed in line with the My Time, Our Place framework for School Aged care in Australia. The framework has been designed for use by school age care Educators working in partnership with children, their families and the community including schools. The framework acknowledges the importance of play and leisure in children’s learning and development and that their learning is not limited to any particular time or place. Developing life skills and a sense of enjoyment are emphasised.

The best news for parents, no lunches to pack!

Sesame Lane Vacation Care, holiday care Brisbane

Sesame Lane are known for being the best in the business at providing nutritionally balanced meals and snacks prepared fresh daily. Don’t worry about excursion days either; Sesame Lane has you covered! Sesame Lane Educators love to whip up a BBQ in the park for fully loaded sausage sizzles or they’ll pack a picnic lunch of meat and salad wraps and fruit for children to enjoy together. The school holidays wouldn’t be complete without a few treats as well, so sometimes children will enjoy lunch provided by a venue. Who doesn’t love a hot dog after ten pin bowling or fish & chips while fishing from our foreshores?


Sesame Lane Vacation Care, holiday care Brisbane

Most locations are open for the extended hours of 6.30am to 6.30pm, except for their Narangba – Banyan Street and Kippa Ring – Anzac Avenue locations who are open 6.00am to 6.00pm. All Sesame Lane Vacation Care locations are open every day of the school holidays, excluding public holidays.


Sesame Lane Vacation Care, holiday care Brisbane

All of Sesame Lane’s Vacation Care Programs are Approved Services under the National Quality Framework, with access to Government Child Care Subsidy for families.

Daily fees are based on location so give Sesame Lane a call on 1800 SESAME for a personalised quote based on the days your child will attend and your eligibility for Child Care Subsidy.

Head to the Sesame Lane website to find out more.

About Sesame Lane

Sesame Lane Vacation Care, holiday care Brisbane

Sesame Lane’s vision to inspire learning early has grown over the years from a humble wish to care and nurture children to a workforce of over 360 Educators, Teachers and staff all working together to provide caring and educational experiences to realise each child’s best potential. They opened their first early learning facility in Redcliffe in 1988 and in 2019 they celebrate 31 years of educating and caring for children in the Moreton Bay Region.

Choose Sesame Lane Care & Kindergarten for Brisbane’s Happy, Healthy Learners

If you’re a North Brisbane family, Sesame Lane is a trusted name in child care and kindergarten. They pride themselves on providing caring and educational experiences to realise each child’s best potential. Plus, with 14 services in handy, central locations, there’s a good chance there’s one near you – so that’s another box ticked! It’s no wonder Sesame Lane are known for creating Happy Healthy Learners.

Find out more about Sesame Lane Care & Kindergarten here.

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