Sensory, Music & Equipment-based Classes for Babies to 5 Year Olds

Gymboree Play & Music hosts sensory, music and equipment-based classes that provide age-appropriate and fun experiences for children from birth to 5 years old.

Gymboree Play & Music focuses on encouraging and nurturing the cognitive, physical, emotional and social development of your little one, with you right beside them. The program began in 1976 and the 45-minute play classes now run in over 700 locations across 40 countries, making Gymboree the global leaders in early childhood development classes. Gymboree Play & Music recognise the importance of child exploration. Their teachers encourage them to wander, following their lead, and, utilising a unique combination of music, movement, props, imaginary play and apparatus, create a fun and magical world where children learn, thrive, and, most importantly, have fun.

Gymboree Play & Music

What to expect at Gymboree Play & Music

Gymboree Play & Music helps families to enjoy sensory and music experiences with the added benefit of equipment such as slides, tunnels, rockers, a-frames, foam equipment and so much more! All of the classes are based around age-specific equipment and the playroom changes every two weeks, which allows children to become comfortable using the equipment but also face new challenges and themes every fortnight. The equipment was built by Jay Beckwith, Disneyland playground designer, who is a globally-respected designer with more than 40 years of experience.

Gymboree Play & Music

How does play help children’s early development?

Play is critical to your child’s brain development, as well as their social and physical growth. That’s why Gymboree Play & Music’s play programs are researched, tested and expertly executed. Child-led, teacher-facilitated, and parent-modeled; three elements that produce a one-of-a-kind play experience for children and parents. Gymboree’s leading-edge programs are also designed to support your needs as a parent. With parent involvement at the core of their philosophy, Gymboree provides a safe environment where your child can be challenged, learn and thrive; and where you have the opportunity to celebrate their milestones, ask questions and meet other parents just like you.

Gymboree Play & Music

Classes on offer

Sensory Baby Play class (0 – 6 months)

This class works on helping babies become calm, attentive and interested in the world through visual, tactile and auditory exploration. Parent discussion time at the end of each class helps you to connect with other parents and learn more about your child’s development.

Level 2 class (6 – 10 months)

This class helps babies begin to act with purpose and intention by exploring cause and effect. Groups also build core strength through various nursery rhymes. Little ones should be sitting up unassisted to participate in this class.

Level 3 class (10 – 16 months)

This class works on toddlers becoming skilled in back and forth communication by interacting more with other children. The class also works on balance, coordination, and strength through themes such as obstacle courses which will help up with walking and movement. Little ones should be pulling up to stand and cruising to participate in this class.

Level 4 class (16 – 22 months)

This is the class where toddlers start figuring out how the world works through problem-solving. The class also uses opposite concepts to build language development. Little ones should be confident on their feet to participate in this class.

Level 5 class (22 – 27 months)

This class encourages toddlers to use words and symbols to express thoughts and ideas. Expression is encouraged through simple imaginative play using themes such as trains, firemen or butterflies. Little ones should be using words of symbols to express themselves to participate in this class.

Level 6 class (27 – 36 months)

In this class, children learn to make connections between ideas. Little ones work on complex imaginative themes, which encourage listening and language skills as well as logical thinking in themes such as ‘In the Kitchen’, ‘Dinosaur day’ and ‘At the park’.

Family Play & Learn class (6 months – 5 years)

This class works on age-appropriate activities for little ones in a mixed age environment. Designed for one or more children and ideal for siblings, the class uses an imaginative theme to combine the themes of all our age-specific classes.

Free for babies under 10 weeks of age

Gymboree offers FREE Sensory Baby Play classes to babies aged under 10 weeks. To find out more, please check out this flyer.

Gymboree Play & Music


My 2 1/2 year old son started going to Gymboree about 7 months ago, and we have enjoyed every class we have gone to. He attends Play classes and the Music classes as well. Going to Gymboree is the highlight of my little boy’s week, and most days when he wakes up he asks if he’s going to Gymboree! He has grown and learnt so much, through the social interaction with other children and teachers, and he enjoys the climbing and singing during the class. He even reenacts the classes at home when we have family or friends over! The classes have given him more confidence and is helping with his speech development. I would highly recommend Gymboree to anyone who is looking for a great variety of class options and times, and a friendly team of staff who my son is always so excited to see.‘ – Adele Reilly

7 years ago my oldest daughter enjoyed her Gymboree classes, we loved every single class we attend; from play time with Gymbo, Art and music. It was very good experience for both of us. We’re glad that we can come back with her little sister, and shared the great experience again. We will recommend parents to come here to experience the difference, every lesson is to design to stimulate the littlies in their physical, emotional and social skills.‘ – Winnie

Gymboree is fantastic for your child socially physically and mentally stretching them helping them to develop with other kids of similar ages. It’s also a gym for us mum’s constantly moving and helping your little explorer to work out what to do and physically do each station feeling immensely proud when your little one does something new or for the first time! It is also the perfect way to tire them out before lunch and a good afternoon sleep! WE LOVE gymboree and our teacher miss Lisa and highly recommend it for your weekly routine!‘ – Lauren

Thank you Gymbo the clown and staff at Gymboree for helping my son with his development. When we started he was only just crawling and is now very confident on his feet and pulling up to stand at every opportunity. He loves the routine of the classes and enjoys singing the songs with me at home. Miss Lisa is just brilliant and has encouraged him along on his journey in such a positive way. We look forward to continuing our classes, they’re our highlight of the week!‘ – Heidi

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