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How do you keep kids glued to their seat, entertained and secretly learning all at the same time??? Invite STREET SCIENCE to run your next kids’ party!  Science Steve and his team present a full range of explosive, entertaining and educational demonstrations and workshops for kids aged 5 and up. Whether he’s holding a fireball in his hands, exploring the insides of a nappy or making water disappear, Steve explains the concepts of the science behind everyday life. Kids and adults alike are fascinated by these shows and hands-on workshops which are creative, fun and unique!

Science parties for kids in Brisbane

Queensland’s BEST Science Parties!

Whilst science parties have always been popular, Street Science brings a new angle and excitement like never before.  Your kids will be amazed by the energy and fun our parties bring! We have a number of party themes available for you to choose from including Rockin’ Rockets (7+), Serious Slime and Snow (5+), Wacky Worms, Balls & All (7+), Bath Bombs and Beautiful Science (7+) and SO MUCH more. One off model rocket launches are also a great way to wow your guests at the end of the party!

Science parties for kids in Brisbane Science parties for kids in Brisbane

SCHOOL INCURSIONS – Queensland’s #1 Science Production

Street Science Incursions are run by a team of Teachers and Scientists who are passionate about science education.  Founded by Steve Liddell in 2012 after serving numerous years in the classroom himself, Steve decided to produce a range of High Energy, Explosive and down right Entertaining stageshows and workshops.  STREET SCIENCE regularly visit schools throughout Queensland and Northern NSW, as well as working with community groups and corporate events.

These shows and workshops are all based on the Australian National Curriculum and can complement many units of study that your students are currently studying i.e. states of matter, chemical v’s physical change, electricity and so much more! Steve and his team work with the head of curriculum and teachers alike to tailor packages that meet the specific needs of your students.

Science Entertainment for OSHC, Holiday Care and Community Groups

Street Science is a fantastic option for your QSHC, vacation care facility, shopping centre, science event or corporate family fun day! The kids always have a great day with our customised Street Science entertainment and are guaranteed to be cheering for more! The entertainment starts off with a 30 minute science show, followed by your choice of a one hour hands-on science workshop for your group. Different age groups and size of audiences can be catered to, so call the team today to book Queensland’s #1 Science Production, as OSHC bookings and school holidays always fill fast!

Science parties for kids in Brisbane

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