School History Excursions to Pine Rivers Heritage Museum

school group of children walking into the Pine Rivers heritage Museum.

Take your students back in time with innovative and immersive history excursions at Pine Rivers Heritage Museum!

About Pine Rivers Heritage Museum

Set amongst the graceful landscape of Old Petrie Town, Pine Rivers Heritage Museum explores the district’s historic character. Learn about early timber-getters and industries, experience an 1890s school classroom and glimpse life before electricity in an original farm workers cottage.

children looking at an old steam engine.

Year one students are invited to make (and eat) real butter, play historic games, dance to 1950s music and experience a 1950s classroom lesson.

Students from year two and above will experience life in the 1890s as they learn to write with nib pens, explore early modes of transport, do the washing, and examine the significance of early settler Tom Petrie and Yebri house.

These programs are linked directly to the Australian Year One and Two Curriculum and feature the continuity and changes associated family structures, daily life and technology.

These unique hands-on programs are developed by teachers for teachers and includes year-level specific education resources.

So, join us as we dress up, act out and journey into the past like never before!

Bookings for our education program can be made through our online booking form

What to expect when you visit the museum

child looking at a bookshelf filled with antiques.

Students will be immersed in the world of 1890s and 1950s Australia through hands-on activities which explore various elements of life for the Australian child. The opportunity to interact with museum objects, props and costumes will be interwoven into activities throughout the day. On the day of your excursion you should expect the following:

  • When arriving at the Museum students should line up in their allocated groups. Please ensure groups are behind the signage that correlates with their first timetabled activity.
  • We encourage all students to dress up and immerse themselves in the era of their visit.
  • Facilitators will hand out nametags within their groups.
    •  The nametags provided will be of an object that in some way correlates to students’ overarching experience with the museum.
    • Name tags will be utilised throughout the day as identifiers and need to be returned at the conclusion of your excursion.
  • Each group will complete four activities during the day as outlined in the provided timetable.
    • Each activity will run for a 50-minute period.
  • Teachers and supporting adults are required to administer behaviour management when necessary.
  • Museum staff will appear both in character and in the role of facilitator, with clear definitions of each framed through costuming.

Duration 9am – 2pm. Activities are 50 minutes per session and there are 4 sessions throughout the day. Maximum students Maximum 60 students per day. Larger groups will need to visit over multiple days. Cost $6 per student GST inclusive. Bookings offered Sessions are offered in Terms 2 & 3, Tuesday to Friday. Supervision ratios When visiting the museum, we require a ratio of 1:10 accompanying adults to students. Bookings If you would like to make a booking, please book online.

child sitting at desk 

Year one

When visiting Pine Rivers Heritage Museum, your year one students and supporting adults will discover the world of 1950s Australia. While experiencing some of the highlights of mid-century Australia, children will explore worlds and concepts that are stimulating, inspiring and new to the 21st century primary school student.

Back to the slate board

Students will delight in this old school experience straight out of the 1950s! Catapulted back to a time of black boards, jelly pads, and curious disciplinary techniques year ones will experience a class like no other. Lead through their studies by a 1950s styled teacher, students will learn that it was just as important to follow the Golden Rule, as it was to learn their A-B-Cs.

Are you being served?

Through this immersive exploration of days gone by, year one students will be put to work behind the counter of a small-town general store. Purchasing and packaging, weighing and paying, children will get the rare opportunity to work as a 1950s shop boy or girl. Though they mustn’t dilly dally, or the often-cantankerous shop keeper may just have a thing or two to say about it!

It’s all fun and games

Before the innovation of television truly gripped the imaginations of Australian children, hours were spent each evening relishing the simple pleasures of classic street games. Through this activity, year one students will experience the joy of games from the 1950s. Children will twirl, spin, throw, laugh, and delight in all the amusements that kept their grandparents out ‘til dark.

A suburban dream

Students are invited to take a journey back in time for dinner. Experiencing family roles as never before, children will assist 1950s housewife ‘Mrs Gamble’ in her preparations for the nightly family meal. Children will have a hand in butter making (and eating!) and be rewarded with a glimpse into the technological revolutions of the decade.

Year two (and above)

When visiting Pine Rivers Heritage Museum, your year two students and supporting adults will discover the world of colonial Australia. Students will experience life in the 1890s as they learn to write with nib pens, explore early modes of transport, do the washing, and examine the significance of famous early settler Tom Petrie.

The three P’s – punishment, pollen & penmanship

From beeswax to inkwells, to good manners and beyond, the experience of the old school classroom is sure to delight students and teachers alike! While seated in wooden rows, nib-pens at the ready, students will be guided through an in-class exploration of exactly what it was like to be a student in 1890s Australia. But mind students watch their Ps and Qs, and never speak out of turn, or they may just receive a taste of some curious old school disciplinary measures!

Through the wringer

Through the wringer will have students reeling with the truths of the hardships once faced in days past. Up to their elbows in water, students will learn just how tough the weekly laundry was for so many. From mangles to dolly pegs, washboards to coppers, the ease of modern-day life will be highlighted throughout this soap-suds-soaked peek into the past.

Goat busters

When you need something delivered in your neighbourhood, who are you going to call? Cartwright Wagons & Carriages! Students will be put through their paces by the Cartwright family as they vie for the coveted position of apprentice wagon builder. Students will work in teams to construct a real wooden cart and then it’s a race to get them to market full of the week’s produce. Students will have fun dressing up, herding ‘goats’ and gain a deep understanding of colonial transportation. It’s sure to be bleating good time for all!

You’ve been framed

Playing out this fictional historical story, students learn the history and significance of contributions made by individuals to the local community. It’s 1899, local residents are lobbying to have the town of North Pine renamed ‘Petrie Town’ in honour of prominent settler and significant community member, Thomas Petrie. To recognise his many great works, a photograph must be taken of him. Students visit the home of the Petries and assist the photographer to take a photograph of Mr. Petrie using the very latest camera of the day. But not merely any photograph; one demonstrating great poise, industry and dignity. It is up to the students to decide how to frame the image, what gets included in the shot and who amongst them gets to wear the false beard!

Bookings for their education program can be made through the Pine Rivers Heritage Museum’s online booking form

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