School Excursions to the Museum of Brisbane

Located in the heart of the city at Brisbane City Hall, Museum of Brisbane is the keeper of Brisbane city’s vibrant art, culture and history. MoB Learn fosters the next generation of curious and creative thinkers through highly immersive programs that enable students to discover experiential and enquiry-based learning.

The Museum’s MoB Learn programs are designed and facilitated by their trained Museum Educators with each offering providing curriculum-aligned experiences across the Humanities and Social Sciences, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures, Visual Art, Design and Fashion. Programs include unique access to objects, artists, historians, curators, conservators and professional development experts.

Tailored experiences

Museum of Brisbane investigating students

Work with Museum of Brisbane to create a tailored Museum experience that responds to your curriculum or group needs. The Museum of Brisbane’s Educators can customise their delivery to provide a gallery experience that responds to exhibition content or a hands-on, studio workshop with a focus on topics or techniques.

Exhibition tours

Museum of Brisbane is a place to learn and discover the stories of Brisbane with a diverse program of rotating exhibitions on art, design and social history. A guided exhibition tour by the Museum’s trained Educators provides students with insight and understanding of curriculum relevant content, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures, as well as developing skills in literacy and critical and creative thinking. Tours are tailored to each group according to age and learning outcomes.

Digital learning

Museum of Brisbane light wall

Access select learning programs online and connect with the Museum. Interact with exhibition content on a live virtual tour by Museum Educators, and gain access to collection objects and creative art workshops without leaving your classroom. Contact MoB for digital learning offerings.

Living Cultures: Sharing First Nations Stories

Explore the diversity of local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge systems, perspectives and histories through the sharing of stories and rich cultural traditions. This interactive and engaging program addresses identity, country/place, culture and people through storytelling, dance, music and visual art. A visit to the Museum includes a tour of their current social history exhibition. The tour features an interactive digital map of pre-colonial Brisbane developed by local historian Dr Ray Kerkhove, and is based on historical reference material, early accounts from Aboriginal people and recollections from European residents. This program is delivered in partnership with Nunukul Yuggera Aboriginal Dance Company, Digi Youth Arts, Aboriginal artist Carol McGregor and our Museum Educators. Each artist group offers their own perspective on First Nation stories, ensuring your session is a unique experience every time.

City Hall Tour

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Discover one of Brisbane’s most culturally and historically significant landmarks on a tour of heritage-listed City Hall. The ‘People’s Place’ tells a rich tale of Brisbane’s past, due to its role as a place to celebrate, protest, mourn, take refuge and gather in times of war and peace. A guided tour highlights many of these key moments, from its beginnings as a swampy waterhole, to the establishment of Brisbane’s first Council Chambers and City Hall’s operation as a respite centre during the Second World War, to its current iteration which includes Museum of Brisbane.

Civics and citizenship in City Hall

City Hall is the civic seat of the city and is home to the Lord Mayor and Deputy Mayor. As a heritage-listed building, City Hall is unique in that it is also a busy and active working building with many civic activities on offer for the Brisbane community. This experience includes a tour of City Hall and Council Chambers to ignite discussion on the role of local government and democratic decision making.

Professional development

Museum of Brisbane teachers preview tour

Museum of Brisbane offers professional development opportunities for Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, pre-service and EAL/ESL teachers targeting a range of curriculum areas. Gain access to local artists, historians, curators and industry experts with a range of MoB Learn workshops, events and talks as well as free tours to preview new exhibitions prior to visiting with students. Join their professional development learning community by signing up to MoB Learn Mail and receive:

  • After-hours access to Museum and gallery spaces
  • Invitations to free Teachers Preview evenings for new exhibitions
  • Information on the Museum’s upcoming learn programs and resources
  • Access to hands-on, artist-led approaches to creative learning
  • Access to the MoB Learn team for your specific curriculum needs
  • Free online learning resources
  • Networking within our learning community
  • Professional Development Certificate for event attendance

For more information, download the MoB Learn 2019-2020 Program.

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