Rocket and space themed parties

Rocket launches at It's Rocket Science Adventures

Budding astronauts, rocket scientists and engineers will have a blast with an It’s Rocket Science Adventures birthday party. Engage and inspire your children (and parents too), exploring things that ACTUALLY FLY. Whether your kids climb into the pilot’s seat of the real-life plane in a Play Plane party or build and launch their own water rockets 60 metres into the air, It’s Rocket Science Adventures will keep your kids involved, active and hands-on, learning the wonder of what makes things fly.

Brisbane’s BEST flight and space science parties

It’s Rocket Science knows how to make a great party into an extraordinary one. The basics are taken care of for you—invitation template, rocket or glider building materials and deluxe space-themed loot bags (extra cost). The birthday child will even receive a free gift. All you need to do is organise any food you want to offer.

Rocket launches at It's Rocket Science Adventures

Blast Off Rocket parties invite kids to build their very own water rocket using everyday, repurposed materials. While constructing and decorating their rocket, they will learn the basic components of a rocket and what is needed for liftoff. Then, after filling up with safe DIY rocket fuel (water), every child will have multiple turns at launching their rocket high into the sky and the exhilaration of their rocket flying more than 60 metres into the air. Join the Distance Challenge or aim at planets on the rocket range. Children also have the chance to get up close and personal to some seriously big, seriously cool rockets.

Rocket Birthday Parties with It's Rocket Science Adventures

Create an imagination fuelled flight with a Play Plane party. Kids can step into the pilot’s seat and strap on the flight harness of a real-life plane, brought to your party location and set up as an airport. Test the controls, learn the parts of an aeroplane and find out what is need for the plane to take off. Children also have the opportunity to assemble and fly their own large chuck glider. Go for distance or go for stunts. It’s Rocket Science will give you some tips to get the best flight performance again and again.

Play Plane Birthday Parties with It's Rocket Science Adventures

Upgrade your party with a chemical rocket launch

For an epic wow factor they will not forget, It’s Rocket Science offers a party upgrade—a chemical rocket launch. These rockets use black powder to launch and will travel up to 250 metres in the air. The birthday child can control the action by pressing the big red button, before a fizz, a woosh and smoke trail signals take off. After reaching the height of their flight path, the rockets deploy their parachute for a safe return to the ground.

Parties for all ages and abilities

If you have children with special needs, sensory difficulties or on the ASD spectrum, It’s Rocket Science birthday parties can be customised to ensure extraordinary adventures for extraordinary people.

It’s Rocket Science use their involvement with special education to provide safe, fun and accessible events for children of all ages and abilities. Their equipment is designed with easy hold and squeeze launch triggers, earmuffs for sensitive ears and tailored activities that will appeal to people of all skills and interests.

It’s Rocket Science birthday parties are designed to inspire curiosity, discovery and understanding of the wonders of flight and space science.

STEM collage for It's Rocket Science Adventures

Want more? Flight and space science for schools

It’s Rocket Science Adventures ignite the Australian Curriculum with their flight and space themed incursions. Having relaunched their programs in 2020, teachers will appreciate the robust and relevant programs with direct links to the Australian Achievement Standards for every year level, while students will love getting hands-on with science and making things actually fly.

It’s Rocket Science can take their primary and secondary school programs Australia wide, as well as their age-appropriate programs for focused on discovering flight and space for kindergartens, OSHC and Vacation Care Providers.

To experience your own exclusive adventure with the water rocket specialists, find out more about their customised school STEM programs, water rocket adventures, or to create your own, visit the It’s Rocket Science Adventures website, or email them at [email protected]au.

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