Rackley Swimming’s Holiday Swim Program

While holidays are a great time for kids to spend some time with their friends, it doesn’t mean the learning has to pause. Thanks to Rackley Swimming’s Holiday Swim Program, children can socialise, exercise and pick up some lifelong — and potentially lifesaving — skills. All in one intensive week during the school holidays.

Rackley who?

With over 20 years’ experience, Rackley Swimming is one of the most experienced swim schools in the local region. With climate-controlled facilities and highly qualified teachers, they offer an exceptional Learn to Swim program for children of all ages and abilities. And thanks to their 25+ locations throughout South East Queensland — as well as convenient timetables — they make learning to swim easy for the whole family.

Anything for the holidays?

Absolutely! You can find Rackley Swimming’s fun, friendly and skill-focused Holiday Swim Program across many of their venues. Not only does it give kids the chance to improve their swimming skills, but it’s also a great opportunity for them to spend time socialising with friends in a safe and active environment.

The program is run across one week of the holidays, with kids swimming either 4 or 5 days in a row. So, as you can imagine, it really does boost fitness and swimming skills, as well as provide some brilliant childhood memories.

And, to get the learning and fun balance just right, Rackley will ensure to place your child in the most suitable level for them.

Lessons that last a lifetime

Of course, some parents may want to spend time during the holidays preparing their children for school instead. Which is fine — but Rackley’s swimming lessons provide so many benefits out of the pool too. In fact, research suggests that swimming lessons help children develop faster than the average population, regardless of social background or gender.

Firstly, there are the obvious physical benefits. As a low-impact exercise, it can build fitness and strength while reducing the risk of injury! The activity is also a great way for kids to burn up all of that unused energy.

Swimming is also a great exercise for children’s motor skills. By practising simultaneous movement, the aquatic exercise helps children become more comfortable with their bodies while also boosting brain development.

How do I sign up?

Rackley Swimming’s Holiday Swim Program is available at many of their locations. To learn more, simply get in touch with your local Rackley Swimming centre, or fill in an online enquiry form on the Rackley Swimming website.


Rackley Swimming is great value for money — especially with their intensive Holiday Swim weeks. They always seem to have availability when we need it, and the coaches are so friendly!

I like that both of my kids can swim at different levels but during the same timeframes. My youngest gets inspired by watching his older sister in her squad. I especially love the included swim intensives during the holidays.

We love the people who work at the pool and who teach the lessons. The holiday programmes are also excellent. It’s all very well run.

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