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‘Swim for life’

No matter age, ability, postcode or coffee preference, it seems Aussies share one pretty strong bond – the water!

YES – swimming, splashing, wading, bathing, it’s part of nearly every childhood – especially in Queensland –  whether in the pool, at the beach, creek, dam or under the sprinkler.

Aquatic Education for kids

Rackley Swimming are the leaders in aquatic education, offering close to 20,000 vital learn to swim lessons, to around 15,000 students a week. Located across 23 South-East-Queensland sites, they’re conveniently located from the Sunshine Coast, throughout Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast.

“Swimming is more than just classes, it can also be a fun, exciting, and adventurous activity, that can offer incredible, holistic benefits, beyond the black line,” said Rackley Swimming General Manager, Cameron Speechley.

kids learning to swim

From learn to swim, fitness squads, lap swimming, junior elite, elite swimming, aqua aerobics, swim fit, adult swimming, even birthday pool parties … Rackley Swimming certainly ticks the boxes, and for all family members.

“We believe, swimming is a right of passage for all Australians, and an activity anyone can do – even babies; that’s why we offer FREE lessons to help introduce our youngest family members, to the water. 

Free baby splash classes

“Families can benefit from our FREE ‘Baby Splash classes’ for bubs two to six months of age – yes, that’s up to four months of free lessons – or enjoy a FREE ‘Come & Try’ session or ‘Swim Safety Check’, when considering the switch to Rackley Swimming,” Speechley added.

happy baby swimming

However, there is a serious side to the world of swimming – the national drowning toll. Devastatingly, drowning is the number one cause of accidental deaths for children under five years; and despite a proactive society, Rackley Swimming suggests families proactively adopt, leading swim authority, Australian Swim Schools Association’s (ASSA), SAFER Layers of Protection, philosophy.

“ASSA’s SAFER Layers of Protection is based around an acronym, and action plan, and is effective as each letter of the word, SAFER, highlights vital but simple steps towards safer swimming practices,” said Speechley.

Swimming skills – ongoing lessons increase skills and confidence. 

Adult supervision – adults should remain within arms’ reach of children under five.

Fences and gates – ensure all fences and gates are secure and are compliant.

Emergency plan – know what to do if an accident should occur.

Reduce the risk … for SAFER swimming!

happy family in pool

Year-round swimming lessons

Rackley’s also suggests year-round swimming is not only vital, but a smart decision. 

World first ‘Early Years Swimming’ research, by Griffith University, has shown children exposed to regular swimming from a young age, can be six to 15 months ahead of the normal population, when it comes to cognitive skills, problem-solving, literacy, numeracy, as well as social ability, co-ordination, and following instructions. 

The study was conducted over a total of four years and surveyed the parents of seven thousand, under-five year olds from Australia, New Zealand and the US, and 180 children from three to five years of age. It also showed while the two higher socio-economic groups performed better than the lower two in testing, all four of the tested groups performed better than the normal population.

“To see a child’s face light up, as they enter a pool facility, to splash and swim with their carer or peers, and learn in a fun and nurturing environment – it really resonates with us as swim teachers, that swimming is a truly wonderfully enriching skill which can be enjoyed for life,” said Speechley.

splash pool rackley

Swim facilities and classes

As a family operated business, with over 20 years industry experience, Rackley Swimming say they are focused on meeting the growing needs of their diverse swim families – no matter age, ability or even the season.

Offering purpose-built swim facilities, with a range of indoor and outdoor heated pools, including easy access facilities and amenities, play splash areas, and some of the most qualified swim teachers, they’re proud to be ‘your local swim family’.

“It’s not uncommon for us to watch as families visit us for the first time for a FREE session – or pop in for a birthday party – but stay for a longer swim, a play, a coffee, a gym session, or just to relax,” Speechley added.

Rackley Swimming offer 12 levels of swim development across their learn to swim program, ensuring every child is nurtured throughout their individual progress. Offering private one-on-one lessons, as well as traditional group classes, they also assist over 60 schools and 30,000 students a year with school swimming programs. Their aim is not just to provide swimming lessons, but provide an enjoyable platform where they can enjoy the practical process.   

“We see our sites as community centres, a hub for families to enjoy, improve skills and abilities, and generally enjoy time together. At the end of the day, we’re after safer swimming families, because swim skills learned, are skills for life!” Speechley concluded.

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