Music Classes for Toddlers and Babies with Wee Make Music

Wee Make Music is a unique early childhood music program with over 11 years experience in the inner north and east of Brisbane.

They are not about entertaining children but rather engaging them and developing fundamental skills through an age-appropriate, multi-sensory curriculum of musical elements and activities. The children are having fun while learning both musically and whilst becoming effective learners.

The Wee Make Music program progresses from babies (3mths) to pre-prep age children carefully addressing individual growth needs, maximising strengths and challenging weaknesses.

They use fun, beat, rhythm, language and melody to inspire a child to sing, play instruments, move and shine. Not about performance but personal growth and achievement, building musicality, self- esteem and social confidence.

Wee Make Music Brisbane

Exceptional music classes

Wee Make Music programs are full of fun, excitement and creativity. Happy expressions, gasps, cuddles and pride flow as parents, children and teachers share the joy of individual’s achievements and nurture challenges. The classrooms are special places for bonding and growing together through music.

This holistic program addresses the needs of the child as a wee musician: developing fundamental musical skills the foundation for further musical pursuits AND preparing them to be effective, confident learners the foundation for structured education.

Wee Make Music Brisbane

What happens in a Wee Make Music Class?

Family Music for Babies 3-13mths:

This is a stimulating sensory based session using musical elements, instruments, touch and movement to develop the baby’s ear for pitch, tone and beat, to experience the joy of music in movement and stimulate language development. Babies are by far the best listeners. Start as early as possible. The baby program will also extend a parent’s skill for managing their baby’s mood, levels of concentration and settling through the variety of activities presented for this wide scope of applications. Bonding with your baby is a given. Parent participation is required.

Family Music for Toddlers – level 1 (14-24mths):

This is a session packed with unpitched instruments, floor games, tickle rhymes, movement, call and response songs and puppetry just to name a few. Learning to follow a steady beat, simple musical patterns and rhythms, creative movement, language and pitch development together with fine and gross motor skill development, listening and social etiquette are again just some of the benefits. Eight to nine sets of activities in every session present the variety necessary to build concentration, engage for effective participation and offer something for all learning styles. Parent participation is required.

Family Music for Toddlers – level 2 (25 – 36mths):

Continuing with the variety of activities and teaching strategies from level 1 but extending the children to work with 2 instruments per piece, coordinate movement and instruments, challenge their personal confidence and build organisational skills, fine and gross motor skill, concentration and independent learning. Steady beat and simple musical patterns and rhythms remain the foundation for many activities. Parent participation is required.

Music Makers (3-4yrs):

Children are introduced to their first pitched instrument, the Glockenspiel. Gross motor skill, problem-solving and listening skills are drawn out to manipulate 2-3 instruments in any one piece. Beat and rhythm continue to be practiced and extended. Voice is a focus. Parent participation is required although the program focuses on growing more independent learning. Creativity and self-expression are nurtured through group movement and storytelling with music.

Advanced Music Makers (4yrs-pre-prep):

No parent participation is required. This can be a drop off style class designed to compliment the expectations of pre-prep programs. Children build peer relationships helping each other to learn and appreciate their love of music. Activities vary from using 1 to 5 pitched and unpitched instruments in any one piece. The xylophone is introduced, multiple gathering drums and the children learn to present pieces in simple ensembles. This nurtures team skills, extended ability with rhythm, understanding musical language, phrasing and tempo, concentration and gross motor skill, organisation and independence.

Wee Make Music Brisbane

Excellence in music teaching

Wee Make Music teachers are a dedicated team with qualifications and experience in early childhood education, instrumental and theory of music, child psychology and dance. Collectively, they share and evaluate the curriculum to consistently improve and address the changing needs of Wee Musicians and their families. They believe education is not simply about imparting knowledge but has to support human development as a continuous process through different phases of life.

Wee Make Music Brisbane

What about the classroom Environment?

All Wee Make Music classrooms are bright, encouraging and supportive places. Inclusivity and respect for all ensure all students have the best opportunity to learn and grow effectively.

Wee Make Music teachers understand that all children learn at their own rate and there are many and varied strategies to engage and empower learning. They love what they do and it shows in every class.

The classroom is a place for teamwork where teachers, parents/carers and children share together in a positive and productive way.

Wee Make Music Brisbane

What Parents Say About Wee Make Music:

“My daughter started Wee Make Music when she was five months old and she has been engaged from the very first lesson. She loves playing with the instruments, clapping her hands to the music and interacting with the other babies. And getting tickles from the puppets is an added bonus!” – Samina

“Throughout our 3 years at Wee Make Music I have witnessed my shy little caterpillar blossom into a confident musical butterfly. This was possible through the nurturing guidance of Miss Lou and her amazing team” – Tina

“Wee Make Music is the highlight of my three year old daughter’s week.  As a mother of four, I am selective about what activities we do. I only wish I’d done this with my three older children! It’s fun, educational, stimulating, social and the program is always dynamic and different. It’s something special that both my daughter and I enjoy doing together each week.” – Karen

“One of the most noticeable features of each class is that it has been planned ahead and targeted at my child’s age group. The classes themselves are small and each child feels important and noticed. I love that my children don’t get overlooked when they speak; they get heard and responded to in a positive way. Another benefit to me as a parent is that our teacher – Miss Michelle – been the same teacher throughout.  My children know each week that Miss Michelle will be there and this provides them with stability in a sometimes ‘unstable world’. Personally, I love the interaction with my children at these classes; we are bonding and learning together through music.  We take home what we learn and we play and sing.  I know it will provide my children with happy memories. I couldn’t have chosen a better environment for my children.  I can see they are growing into confident little people and are able to express themselves using music as their platform.  What more could I hope for?” – Karen

“As a parent, I love an hour each week to spend with my son Henry in a happy, creative place with no other priorities or distractions.  Just looking around the room each week is a pleasure, watching all the mums, dads and grammas enjoying the time with their kids! Henry loves Wee Make Music. He is always asking to listen to the CDs and looks forward to class greatly.  And of course Miss Lou is a huge favourite.  The class structure encourages Henry to listen and comply with instructions, and to co-operate with a group.  His confidence in speaking in front of  a group is improving also.” Inger

“I have been bringing my children to Wee Make Music for over a year now and can’t believe how much it has assisted in their development.  Their musicality and rhythm have improved beyond sight, as well as their confidence levels. It is a well thought out, structured program with every level appropriate for the age group intended, but most of all its fun.  Ivy and Van are so excited when they realise its ‘Music’ day.  What impresses me is the multi-faceted approach to the introduction of music to young people – from singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, rhymes and cuddles – there’s something for every child in every lesson. For me the program is an enriching experience my children love and I am lucky enough to share it with them.” – Naomi

Wee Make Music Brisbane

Find a music class near me?

Wee Make Music classes operate at 3 venues – all comfortable, accessible, with clean amenties, close to parks, cafes and public transport:

  • Bulimba – Bulimba Senior Citizens Hall, cnr Stuart and Barramul Streets Bulimba
  • Wilston – Wilston Presbyterian Church Basement Hall, 28 Macgregor Street Wilston
  • New Farm – Store’s Building, Powerhouse Arts Complex, Lamington Street, New Farm.

Wee Make Music Brisbane

Time is Precious

Children learn proportionately more in the first 4 years of their life than the remaining years put together. Time-poor parents need to commit their children to activities that best maximise their resources. A holistic early childhood program written and designed by qualified and motivated teachers and presented in a fun and supportive environment is the right choice. Wee Make Music is this program and offers free trial classes – there is no better time than now to share the gift of music with your baby, toddler and young child.

Wee Make Music Brisbane

How can your child be involved?

All children are innately drawn to music, so we know your child can only benefit from this program. Wee Make Music teachers are passionate about sharing the program with as many families as possible. Book a complimentary trial class and take advantage of how this program can fulfil your child’s innate desire for music and in turn inspire your whole family.

“Throughout our 3 years at Wee Make Music I have witnessed my shy little caterpillar blossom into a confident musical butterfly. This was possible through the nurturing guidance of Miss Lou and her amazing team” – Tina

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