Mobile Kids Hairdresser with Giggles and Scissors

Giggles and Scissors is a mobile hairdresser specialising in children’s haircuts. Servicing most areas of Brisbane, this is fun and easy way to get all your kids’ hair cut at the same time in the comfort of your own home.

Pam is an internationally experienced hairdresser and in addition to hair cuts also offers a lice treatment service. This is all about taking the stress out of getting your Brisbane Kids haircut and avoiding the smells and other associations of hairdressing salons. Giggles and Scissors welcome Brisbane Kids with special needs such as sensory issues, you shouldn’t worry because Pam won’t.

Kids who are anxious about haircuts

My child REALLY doesn’t like haircuts…. This is a lot more common than you probably know! And this is why they do it in the comfort of your child’s home. The biggest help is understanding that when a child goes near a pair of scissors, the first reaction from a parent is “NO”, “don’t touch”, “they will cut you”, “hurt you”, “ouchy” and so on…… BUT What happens when you take them into a hairdressing salon?? They are placed in front of a mirror, told to sit still while a stranger (in most cases) waves a pair of sharp scissors around their face, ears and head. It is ok for your little one to be scared, upset or angry about haircuts. It won’t last forever and when they get past that “fear”, it 99.99% won’t return! The most important thing is that you educate them why they need to get haircuts, and that no matter how much they may not like it, it’s something that just has to be done!

Parents haircuts

Can I have my haircut while your here to do my child’s? Absolutely! Giggles & Scissors has a “word of mouth” home salon in north Brisbane. Pam has been hairdressing for 11 years and has 70% adult clients. She understands how hard it can be getting out of the house for “you” time. Chat to Pam about it when you make your child’s appointment.

Haircuts start at just $30 for children’s haircuts in your own home.

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