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Mini Strikers is a talent and development system for children aged 3-12 years of age who want to enjoy and succeed in their passion for soccer whilst also having FUN! They offer an inclusive environment for children with varying levels of soccer abilities; from beginners right through to advanced soccer skills. Mini Strikers encourages all children to participate and openly encourages both girls and boys to attend.

Come and Try Sessions are also on offer, where the first session is offered free for children and parents that are a little unsure.

What programs are available?

Mini Strikers delivers its 8-week program every Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning for kids aged 3 to 12 years.

Times: Thursday 4.30pm and Saturday 9.30am Venue: Brisbane Strikers FC, Perry Park, Bowen Hills Session length: 1 hour Cost: $24 per session, which includes jersey, socks and shorts to keep (payable upfront) Registration: Complete your registration online 

The program consists of age-appropriate skills training in shooting, dribbling, first touch etc, as well as games. Individual and group support is incorporated.

Both boys and girls are welcome to join in!

Mini Strikers also has additional services available, including tutorial programs, meals, and gym membership and parking for parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my child need to bring? To ensure the safety of the children Mini Strikers are supporting, all children attending will need to bring their own water bottles with them and wear sunscreen. For children 5+ years, they must also wear shinpads and soccer boots. Please ensure they also bring joggers too.

Is the program available at other venues? Offsite training for children aged 3-12 years of age can be arranged in Logan, Ipswich and North Brisbane, including school environments.

Are there additional options for children? Mini Strikers offers a three-tiered pathway. For children aged 6-12 years of age that want to play in a more competitive environment, they can participate in their Mini Roos environment.

For children that demonstrate exceptional passion and talent, Mini Strikers also runs selections for their Brisbane Strikers Skill Acquisition Phase (SAP) program, which is a key component of Football Federation Australia’s national curriculum. This is available for children aged 9-12 years that have advanced skills and want a pathway to participate at a higher level including national and overseas soccer.

Mini Strikers also offers individualised professional coaching and holiday camps.

What is done for children that are a little nervous or shy? Mini Strikers recognises that joining a new sport and meeting new children and coaches for the first time can be a little daunting. They encourage children to enter at their own pace. They can enter and leave the pitch as they want and will be supported by the Mini Strikers’ staff at all times.

Does Mini Strikers cater for children with special needs? Mini Strikers offer additional supports for children with special needs. They have staff with training and experience for children that have disabilities, trauma support, or have medical needs.

What qualifications and safety checks do Mini Strikers have? The Mini Strikers team is highly skilled and qualified. All staff over 18 years of age are required to hold a Blue Card and there is always at least one person on at all times that holds their current First Aid and CPR Certificates.

The Mini Strikers team holds the maximum qualifications required to work in soccer with children, ranging from Junior Football License right through to B License – UEFA/FIFA Italian Soccer Federation No 31770 Level AFC A/’B’ License AFC. Coupled with the team’s combined qualifications in education, child protection and disability support, you can be assured that your children are in a safe and secure environment.

About Mini Strikers

Mini Strikers was formed in early 2021 as part of the Brisbane Strikers Football Club, a National Premier League Football Club in the heart of the CBD of Brisbane.

Brisbane Strikers FC has been awarded as a Gold Standard football club by Football Queensland due to its high standard of academy performance and professionalism. This club has played at state level and continues to represent in the national premier league.

The relationship with Mini Strikers and Brisbane Strikers FC is a joint initiative and long-term program to provide the highest level of both fun and fundamentals that children need to learn in order to grow their football talent and gross motor skills.

The Mini Strikers Team

The Mini Strikers Coaches

Davide Dalla Pozza – Head Coach

The team is headed-up by the Head Coach, Davide Dalla Pozza. Davide commenced his passion for soccer as a young child in Vincenza, Italy, and quickly rose through the ranks as a talented young player overseas. He decided to take his talents into a coaching role in Italy to enhance the skills of young people.

He has continued his coaching career since 2019 in Australia where he has supported children at both club and advanced level and attained great results.

Assistant Coaches

Mini Strikers has a great team of Assistant Coaches, including Ryan Mudaliar, Taye Jackson, Mustafa Jafari, Nicholas Webb, Eddie Hasanovic and Deen Hasanovic.

These individuals are all incredibly talented in their own right, many of who have been selected and represented in clubs overseas including Spain and England. They continue to play in the National Premier League both for the Senior team and for the Under 23s. These coaches understand the needs of children in soccer, as they have all participated in soccer since childhood.

Salvatore Sottile – Technical Director and Director

Salvatore (or Salvo as we affectionate call him) has a rich professional history in soccer. He is an Ex-Professional Italian Player for 20 years and has worked as a Professional Coach in excess of 18 years.

Salvo is unlike many technical directors in this space, in that he is at the coalface and provides an experience through engaging actively and doing the skills on the pitch, rather than telling. He has been responsible for helping a number of young people in their soccer careers progress into the A-League & even internationally through his training and talent identification skills.

Jackie McClenaghan – Group Administrator and Director

Jackie comes with over 20 years of experience working in community services and education, with specialisation in the child protection and childhood development arenas.

Jackie plays soccer recreationally and saw Mini Strikers as an apt opportunity to combine her passion of soccer with her child protection experience. She sees soccer as an environment where children can enhance their developmental skills, especially social, emotional and physical, in a safe environment.

Richard Hollis – Manager

Rick has a particular interest in childhood development. He believes that children thrive in a team-based sporting environment where they can develop physically, mentally and emotionally through active participation, skill acquisition and socialisation. With a solid background of over 30 years in administration and stakeholder management, he is both an Owner and Manager of Mini Strikers and oversees all the coordination of what is needed for the School to be supported in their day-to-day activities.


I think it is really professional the way it is run. It is pretty clear that the coaches are passionate about soccer. We are really looking forward to getting our son who is 5 years old, Cooper, involved in Mini Strikers moving forward.

It is a massive difference. They get to see the competencies that are required to play soccer in a competitive environment and we have noticed a big difference in our son’s gross motor skills.’

The facilities here are second to none. They have a synthetic field and also when you have inclement weather, the indoor facilities are fantastic, so you never miss a session.

Based on the first few training sessions, he has just been incredibly excited to come to the next session. He is sleeping in his soccer gear now, ready for the next session the next day.’

To find out more, please visit the Mini Strikers website.


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