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Make&Meld – inspiring imagination and creativity for kids of all ages

Ditch screens and develop hands-on creative skills in a fun learning environment

Two local Brisbane Mums have come together to establish Make&Meld, a fun-filled creative space located in Yeronga. Make&Meld run workshops and creative design programs aimed at tackling the over-utilisation of screens and the under-utilisation of the body, mind, and imagination.

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Maker Workshops

(Weekday mornings and Saturdays AND school holiday workshops) 

Maker Workshops are held on weekday mornings for 3-5yr olds and Saturday for all other age groups. During their Maker Workshops, kids learn to use simple tools and techniques to make fun and exciting creations, aiding their development of vital fine and gross motor skills whilst being creative, getting messy, socialising and having fun.

Their maker workshops have to date included stamp making and textile printing, wooden puzzles and mini wooden houses and pvc pipe creations (bow and arrows, rain-sticks, marshmallow guns, vases and more).

Your kids will leave these workshops not only with their own creation to be proud of but also with newly developed maker skills and confidence in their own ability to create new objects out of existing everyday items

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Creative Design Program

(After-school and Evening classes)

Their Creative Design Program melds product design with sustainability. The program is run in three-week blocks and caters for different age groups (including primary school aged, teens and adults). The program teaches not only the skills and knowledge to produce objects from different materials, but also the ability to problem solve and use design-thinking to produce creative and innovative ideas and designs.

Courses have been designed to teach a thorough understanding of materials and their associated tools and techniques, whilst exploring environmental impacts and encouraging sustainable use.

In Term 2, 2019 their program focusses on Paper, Cardboard and Wire.

Creative Design Program participants will –

  • explore materials and resources available in their everyday environment;
  • develop techniques and skills using simple tools to build and make things;
  • engage in the creative process;
  • gain hands-on experience designing and building their own creations;
  • develop the confidence to explore, design and make things themselves that they can use and enjoy in their everyday life.

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Maker/Craft Parties – Make&Meld run fun, one-of-a-kind, Maker / Craft Birthday Parties, subject to availability. For enquiries please contact [email protected].

School Holiday Workshops

School Holiday Workshops – Make&Meld provide engaging school holiday workshops for kids of all ages. Get your kids using real tools these holidays to make their own easels, bike jumps, dolls houses or wooden toy car garages. ll workshops are led by professionals who will safely guide your kids through the use of saws, hammers, hand drills and other hand tools. Monday 6th July to Friday 10th July. From ages 3 and up. Prices start from $35 – Limited places.

Maker and Design Workshop Skill Building

Development of fine and gross motor skills through hands-on learning

At Make&Meld kids are taught to use a wide range of basic hand tools which not only improves their own ability and confidence but also teaches them life-long skills.

Increased concentration – replacing instant gratification with effort-based rewards

Participation in Make&Meld workshops teaches patience and determination. The time that a child takes to produce an object that they can be proud of in turn becomes the reward for effort spent.

Rekindling imagination and the development of life-long skills

Make&Meld gives kids the opportunity to learn new ways of entertaining themselves and aims to develop skills such as creative thinking and problem-solving.  Becoming aware of materials and tools available around them and developing the skills to turn everyday objects and ‘junk’ into their own personal creations, gives kids confidence and allows their imagination to prosper.

Encouraging sustainability through recycled and repurposed materials

Make&Meld workshops encourage kids to consider sustainability and the environment by exploring where materials come from and where they end up, focussing on the benefits of repurposing, reusing and recycling materials. At Make&Meld we ask the question – is it rubbish or is it a potential treasure?

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“This is excellent – my 7 yr old loved using the real tools to cut, smooth and stick pipes together. Learning and using real skills, no screens, great activities. All Brisbane parents need to know about this place!” Kathyrn S.

“What a great birthday party. Abby loved it. Thanks Emily and Helen” Vicky K.

The who, when and where: Founders: Emily Higgins (Bachelor of Industrial Design), Helen Bankes (Bachelor of Environmental science). Both Blue Card Accredited.

Drop in to Make&Meld, located at 23/133 Hyde Rd, Yeronga OR book online at

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