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Foreign language school holiday lessons for kids

LinguaKidz foreign language school holiday lessons engage, entertain and educate young people about language and culture without leaving town! Their ‘Holiday Language Camp’ is a three-day school holiday ‘day camp’ for kids aged 5-15 years that is designed to immerse your child in fun activities and rich cultural contexts, to help them discover the joy of language learning. Choose from Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese or Japanese!

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School holiday foreign language lessons for children & teens

Each LinguaKidz school holiday language camp is designed to engage your child with age-appropriate and differentiated target-language-rich activities across a variety of topics. Each day has 2 sessions of direct language instruction in small groups, as well as an afternoon session of cultural discovery activities that teach your child about the diversity of the target language culture. Campers can expect to cook food, dance and create craft projects which reflect elements of the countries they have explored!

Songs, dance, music, games and role-plays are just some of the ways children develop language skills with LinguaKidz. With a focus on listening and speaking, these skills are naturally improved through their communicative and interactive approach.

LinguaKidz ‘romance language’ school holiday programs in Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese will explore the many varied and vibrant traditions around Easter, while also acquiring vocabulary related to animals, description, giving opinions and food! This is coupled with their afternoon cultural sessions.

Spanish school holiday lessons

Singing, dancing and preparing traditional foods will help your child to feel immersed in both language and culture simultaneously in these Spanish school holiday lessons! Your child will put their artistic and imaginative skills to play as they create their very own Barrilete (Guatemalan kite) and Andean panpipes!

Italian school holiday lessons

Of course, pizza is on the menu in LinguaKidz’ Italian school holiday lessons! Your child will not only create a pizza, but they will do it all in Italian! The beautiful tradition of making Tamburelli and dancing the Tarantella will also capture the imagination and interest of participants.

French school holiday lessons

Did someone say crepes?! Yes, crepe making will be a certain hit for your child as they follow directions in French to create and fill their own crepe in these French school holiday lessons! Creative art and craft projects based on French artists and traditions, as well as creating colourful Joyeuses Pâques Easter cards, will engage campers  by getting hands-on with French language and culture!

Portuguese school holiday lessons

Your child will delight in making pasteis de nata, Portuguese custard tarts, learn some samba dance moves, be intrigued by learning about Portuguese and Brazilian Easter traditions and create fun craft projects using paint, air clay and lots more at LinguaKidz’ Portuguese school holiday lessons!

Japanese school holiday lessons

In these Japanese school holiday lessons, your child will develop language related to the overarching topic of ‘Boys and Girls Day’, as well as everyday group session routines such as greetings, meeting their peers and exchanging ‘getting to know you’ information in Japanese. Cultural activities such as making their own hina doll, koinobori, origami, singing song and preparing food such as onigiri are just some of the ways children connect their language learning and creativity!

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LinguaKidz school holiday foreign language lesson objectives

Linguakidz is passionate about inspiring children to become global citizens through sparking curiosity about and respect for the world around them. Whether your child is a beginner or a current student of their language, they will have the opportunity to:

  • develop and consolidate their communicative language skills
  • learn more about the countries where their target language is spoken
  • interact with camp leaders and fellow campers in the target language
  • acquire or develop grammatical competencies

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What is the benefit of my child learning another language?

One Big Amazing Benefit of learning another language is that speaking more than one language is often linked to Better Academic Results!! This is because multilingual or bilingual children can often:

  • concentrate better
  • are better at solving problems
  • understand language structures better
  • are better at multitasking

They may also have:

  • more diverse and interesting career opportunities later in life
  • a better sense of self-worth, identity and belonging

Let LinguaKidz help your child reach their full potential!

How to Book

Bookings for LinguaKidz’ school holiday language lessons in June 2022 are now open! The dates of the June day camps are:

Location: St Peter’s Lutheran College, Indooroopilly

  • June 27-29 – Spanish Camp
  • June 27-29 – Japanese Camp
  • June 27-29 – French Camp
  • June 27-29 – Italian Camp
  • June 27-29 – Portuguese Camp

Location: Benowa State School, Benowa, Gold Coast

  • June 27-29 – Spanish Camp
  • June 27-29 – Japanese Camp
  • June 27-29 – French Camp
  • June 27-29 – Italian Camp
  • June 27-29 – Portuguese Camp

Location: Somerset College, Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast

  • June 27-29 – Spanish Camp
  • June 27-29 – Japanese Camp
  • June 27-29 – French Camp
  • June 27-29 – Italian Camp
  • June 27-29 – Portuguese Camp

Cost for 3 day program: $340

Use the code ‘EARLYBIRD25‘ for $25 off camp fees when you book before the 6th of June 2022!

Expand your child’s horizons these holidays with LinguaKidz, where they can immerse themselves in vibrant cultures and grow their language skills as well as their global cultural agility. Discover a world of fun with languages!

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Tina, Michelle & Co made my daughters first immersive experience of Spanish and Latin culture exciting and fun. They’re bubbly passionate teachers with a thoughtful and well planned program. Kami made friends from day one and, unlike most mornings, was up like a sparrow for day two! We’ve already signed up for September.‘ (Oliver)

The teachers were all wonderful and my daughter came home happy and excited to speak more Spanish. I certainly would recommend the camp to anyone wanting to enhance their children’s knowledge of a second language.‘ (Mattina)

I cannot recommend Linguakiz Directors Michelle and Tina, and their amazing team, highly enough! Michelle and Tina have taught both of my children Spanish and are extraordinary teachers. Their language skills and teaching methods are amazing and both have a unique way of making the learning experience really fun. My children could even use their conversational skills on an overseas holiday! Tina and Michelle are passionate, enthusiastic, patient and always encouraging.‘ (Lysa)

I highly recommend LinguaKidz. Michelle is a native Spanish speaker, and Tina is an expert. Both are experienced teachers, with over 40 years of combined teaching. But the experience at LinguaKidz goes beyond technical expertise. Michelle and Tina are creative, caring, enthusiastic and invested in every child. Choose LinguaKidz!‘ (Hayley)

To find out more about LinguaKidz’ school holiday language lessons, please visit the LinguaKidz website.

LinguaKidz also host fantastic term-time online foreign language classes. Click here to find out more.

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