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If you have wanted to enrol your Brisbane Kid in swimming lessons, but have hesitated because of the hassle, you should definitely try Kingswim for hassle-free swimming classes in and around Brisbane.

At Kingswim, they recognise that it’s the little things that can make a big difference when kids are learning to swim.

Kingswim Brisbane

Stress-free swimming classes – for kids and parents

For parents and kids alike, Kingswim go the extra mile, both in and out of the water, and make learning the essential life skill of swimming a meaningful and enjoyable experience.

At all three of their locations, in and around Brisbane, you’ll find caring teachers who recognise when a particular child needs a little extra attention.  You’ll meet welcoming staff that are happy to help when a parent has their hands full of bags, toddlers and towels. And your child will enjoy a swimming curriculum that builds them up to be strong and confident swimmers.

If you’ve been swimming with a toddler, you’ve probably asked the question: who do I dress first? Myself? And risk being half-naked trying to catch a toddler making a great escape from the change room? Or the toddler? And risk having them dry and clean, only for them to roll around on a wet floor while I negotiate a half-dry body into dry clothes?

At Kingswim, they make things easier for everyone, by thinking of the little things, including extra nappies, spare goggles and toys in the change room to ensure that rushed parents don’t have to worry about anything they may have forgotten.  They also ensure that there are enough family change rooms so that you can have privacy (and so you don’t have to change a wriggling child in front of people)!

Kingswim Brisbane

Proven success for kids learning to swim

Whether your child is 12 months or 12 years old, there is a class to suit them at Kingswim. There’s even school holiday intensives, which are perfect for developing skill and stamina in a short space of time. And with 21 dedicated learn-to-swim centres across Australia, three of them in Queensland – Lutwyche, Carindale and Robina – there’s a location to suit you too.

Kingswim have been operating for more than 30 years, and have delivered more than 11 million lessons, so you can be assured that your child is getting the best possible instruction.

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Enrolling your child at Kingswim

Currently, Kingswim are offering a free introductory lesson to new customers (terms and conditions apply). Contact Kingswim to book your child’s free trial today.

Try your local Kingswim learn-to-swim school and see for yourself how the little things they do make all the difference.

Kingswim Brisbane

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