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Watch as your child’s confidence in themselves & their body grows as they feel the rhythm & take a spin around the dance floor with friends in a supportive & vibrant atmosphere. 

Dance Classes for Kids with Rio Rhythmics

Rio Rhythmics runs Latin Dance classes for kids from 6 – 14 years for fun and for performance. 

With ten week terms that match the school calendar, the Academy celebrates each term with Festivas (parties) and has opportunities to perform every term and at our major Balls each year. 

What Is Latin Dance at Rio?

Latin Dance at Rio Rhythmics is:

    • Showing children the vibrant South American culture, 
    • getting them moving, feeling more comfortable in their own skin, 
    • supporting them to become more outgoing and able to express themselves better,
    • exploring leadership and “follow-ship” and 
    • helping them feel happy freedom and fun in the moment.

About the core syllabus

Taught through movement repetition your child will be dancing from the very first lesson.

Including individual and partner dance elements. Your child will begin by finding the rhythm and moving to the music, then discover new ways of expressing themselves through the Latin culture, music and dance steps. 

The classes cover Salsa, Samba, Merengue and Bachata. Your child will learn the basics of Brazilian percussion and even share some Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish too. Performance classes are also available.

kids dancing in a dance class

Latin Dance Holiday Workshops

Send your kids to Rio for some holiday fun where they’ll experience the South American culture through dance, music, language and art. It’s a great way to get your kids moving, socialising and having fun while they learn new skills. From full-day holiday camps to weekend workshops for kids new to, and experienced with, Latin dance from 6 – 15 years. Check out their website for all current school holiday and termly class information.

Why Choose Latin Dance for your kids?

#1 Number ONE it is so much Fun!

As parents know, there is nothing better than seeing your child entertained, having fun and being happy within themselves in a creative, supportive and protected environment.

Kids get a rich experience to inspire, challenge, and keep them curious

An art and a sport, Latin Dance engages multiple senses and diverse fields, meaning it is a highly integrated learning and development experience perfect for developing and curious kids:

  • personal fitness & physical development
  • social engagement & social skills building
  • person-to-person connection & learning to work with a partner & as a team,
  • musicality, music literacy, rhythm and percussive body intelligence
  • cultural enrichment: traditions, music, languages, geography
  • performance (optional) and performance skills development, and 
  • opportunities for meaningful family-interaction.

Develops ‘entire body’ physicality

Physical development is one of the most obvious benefits of dance classes for your children. Learning new movement patterns requires your child to use their entire body to achieve a level of fitness that cannot be compared with any other activity.

  • New whole-body movements
  • Balance, weight-transfer & coordination
  • Timing, measure and pace
  • Endurance & strength
  • Body awareness, spatially and within themselves
  • Improving posture and postural flexibility

Creates social awareness & gives your kids a sense of belonging

At Rio Rhythmics, your child will have the opportunity to learn in a comfortable, supportive and social environment.

  • Learning how to work as a team & cooperate with each other
  • Learning to interact physically in a healthy, protected and supervised environment in a way where it will become natural
  • Learning to take turns, share, developing a sense of space and body awareness.

Cognitive Development: Movement, Communication and Emotions 

Developing physical expressions of communication and feelings gives children another way to handle social situations & life events while their verbal communication continues to develop.

  • This creates a cognitive link between movement and feeling. 
  • Through dance, your child will learn that movement can express an idea or a feeling – without needing to use words or know the right words for these feelings. 

kids doing latin dance

What makes Rio Rhythmics Latin Dance Academy special?

Inspired heritage 

Rio Rhythmics is Australia’s first Latin Dance Academy. For twenty five years they have offered Latin Dance courses, workshops, coaching, community events, performances, parties and shared a LOT of culture across Brisbane and beyond!

Specialised (kind, inspiring and highly trained) teachers

Rio Rhythmics specialises in Latin dance and culture and has committed to preserve the authenticity of each Latin style taught. The Academy teaches one of the widest ranges of authentic Latin styles in Australia.

The Academy provides careers to dance teachers – from locals to Latin American instructors.

Fun location in the heart of West End

We’re situated right in the heart of Boundary St, West End, handy to West End Coles, local shops, relaxing cafes, organic stores & tempting restaurants. Studio 1 is upstairs above the French Bakery & Studio 2 is where you’ll love our balcony overlooking Boundary Street’s comings and goings.

  • Studio 1 & Main reception: 163 Boundary Street West End
  • Studio 2: 159 Boundary Street West End

Everyone’s welcome: A life-long community 

Empowered by the “Dance For Life!” motto and a 25 year history, the community of people who dance, danced, socially connect and come together for major events every year creates a very special life-long community of all ages and life stages. 

kids having fun south american dance

What People are Saying

“My experiences with Rio Rhythmics over the past years have been nothing but fantastic. The team at Rio’s has always nurtured, supported and guided the dancer within me and given me plenty of exciting and fun opportunities. I’m so proud and grateful to be a part of the team at Rio Rhythmics.

Dancing isn’t just about being able to do the steps or having good technique or exercising to keep fit, it is about how it makes you feel inside and how you share your energy and emotions with those around you. Dance is a way to be heard without having to speak. Dancing has weaved itself into every aspect of my life and is one of the things closest to my heart. It is one of my true passions.” Student, Archana

Register online anytime

Just head to the Rio Rhythmics Kids & Youth Classes web page and find out everything they have to offer. You can register for the termly classes online anytime, visit the studio or request a call or more information.



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