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Larrikin Puppets performs colourful and exciting puppet shows and interactive puppetry workshops featuring zany characters and catchy songs, live and online. Highly entertaining and captivating, Larrikin Puppets’ fast-paced, feel-good puppetry celebrates fun, kindness and diversity while nurturing child development, encouraging audiences to talk, dance, sing and play along.

Puppet Shows and Party Entertainment 

Award-winning Larrikin Puppets established in 2012, is a thriving Australian puppetry arts company founded by Brett Hansen. His wife Elissa Jenkins joins him as co-puppeteer. They specialise in children’s entertainment and kids music.

Brett and Elissa, who have received training in the USA under Jim Henson puppeteers from The Muppets and Sesame Street, provide child and family audiences with wide-eyed wonder, joy and laughs from beginning to end.

Monster characters Troggg, Marina, Scrambles, Bangles, Frizzby, Flossy and their cast of puppet friends capture the imaginations of children and bring out every adult’s inner child.

Larrikin Puppets is passionate about bringing wide-eyed wonder to children and families everywhere and work each day to make the world a more whimsical place for them to enjoy.

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Kids Music

Larrikin Puppets has an EP of music for kids aged 3-7, available to listen and download. Breaking new ground in electronic music, their songs feature simple lyrics with contemporary music that appeals to parents and older siblings while not talking down to kids.

Their songs are available on over 150 different music streaming services including Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play and even Tiktok.

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Kids Puppet Shows

Child and family audiences will adore Larrikin Puppets’ popular, zany comedy-variety show, ideal for childcare centres, schools, libraries, shopping centres, festivals, pubs and clubs. These puppet shows are hilarious, fast-paced crowdpleasers chock-full of child development principles and creative play.

Larrikin Puppets has a suite of children’s entertainment, puppetry and play services available including comedy-variety puppet shows, story time puppet shows and themed puppet shows such as health and wellbeing, kindness and anti-bullying, a marine adventure, Christmas and Australia Day.

They perform for intimate audiences at libraries and childcare centres as well as massive audiences at public festivals and shopping centres. To this day, Brett also performs his solo puppet show for birthday parties.

larrikans puppets show brisbane 

Puppetry Workshops

Larrikin Puppets runs beginner puppet workshops for children aged 5 and up, ideal for schools, vacation care, libraries, festivals, cruise ships, holiday resorts and theatres. 

These workshops give students of any age and ability the rare opportunity to learn puppetry techniques and practice puppetry using real hand puppets. Whether you select a puppetry performance workshop, sock puppet making craft workshop or film and TV monitor puppetry workshop, everyone will learn the techniques that bring Muppet-style puppet characters to life.

Learning how to perform with puppets in a fun, supportive environment can help kids improve communication, build confidence, develop creativity, build fine and gross motor skills, and bring joy. Larrikin Puppets tours these magical, educational puppetry workshops across Australia.

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Online Puppet Shows

Larrikin Puppets is committed to bringing joy, laughter, fun and play to kids during the COVID-19 lockdown and isolation period.

Join them online as they present super fun puppet shows, puppetry workshops, story times, poetry with puppets and puppet play dates.

Corporates, non-profits, childcare centres, schools, libraries and festivals from all over Australia can continue to book Larrikin Puppets to present interactive online incursions for their private audiences. Additionally, parents can directly sign their kids up to super fun online shows and activities.

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