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Shining Self Space is a passionate, inspired, mindful provider of wellbeing workshops and wellbeing and yoga programs for kids and teens aged 5 to 16 years in Brisbane’s inner north.

The mission of Shining Self Space is to deliver fun and engaging programs that gently encourage, motivate and empower children and teens to feel more confident, believe in themselves and learn important life skills that will enable them to deal with life’s challenges.

Shining Self Space programs offer a safe and supportive space where children and teens feel comfortable to be themselves and make new connections.

What does Shining Self Space offer?

Shining Self Space offers programs for children and teens from age 5-16 years, including:

  • Holiday workshops, ranging from full-day programs to 2-hour workshops
  • Weekly yoga and wellbeing classes for kids and teens during the school term (group or private classes available)
  • A wellbeing program for homeschooling girls

School Holiday Yoga & Wellbeing Workshops

Shining Self Space workshops assist children and teens to develop inner strength and a positive mindset and to improve their mental health.

Workshops have themes such as Friendships, Identity, Strengths, Social Skills, Confidence, Mindfulness, Resilience and Gratitude, to name just a few. ​ These workshops are delivered through active, fun and creative activities such as movement (yoga, workout or dance), creativity and craft, group discussions, trust and relationship building, mindfulness, journaling and reflection. They are based on evidence-based techniques from positive psychology, mindfulness and social-emotional learning.

Your child will be offered gentle encouragement to discover their true identity, their strengths and talents, and what lights them up. These workshops offer a safe, supportive space designed with children’s enjoyment and comfort in mind. Attendees leave these workshops feeling positive, more self-aware, empowered to take ownership over their own lives, and having made new friends.

Activities covered in each workshop are different from the other workshops taking place in the same year, so kids can attend the workshop again and will cover new material.

Current workshops can be found on the Shining Self Space website.

Term-time Yoga & Wellbeing Program

The term-time yoga and wellbeing program is designed to promote a positive mindset and improved wellbeing for the children that attend. Each week builds on the week before to integrate previous learning, help the children see their own progress and improvements, and to allow opportunities for friendships to grow.

Previous wellbeing themes have included:

  • Confidence
  • Self-compassion/being kind to yourself
  • Body image
  • Boundaries
  • What brings you joy
  • Learning to destress

The weekly yoga and wellbeing classes are split into different age groups for children, tweens and teens, and homeschooling tween and teen girls, and are delivered in a fun and engaging way for each age group.

Movement such as yoga, yoga therapy, dance, workouts and active games are used to connect the children to their bodies, building greater body awareness, coordination and strength, and flexibility.

Meditation and mindfulness teach children about how their mind works and helps them to accept themselves as they are. Children learn about emotions and this helps them develop regulation.

Creative and social activities reinforce the topic of the class and assist the children to work on their mindset in an engaging way.

Benefits for kids

The benefits of attending a Shining Self Space workshop or program include:

  • Connecting with others and making new friends in a positive environment
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Increasing focus and concentration
  • Learning compassion for themselves and others
  • Exercising in a supportive environment that’s not competitive
  • Increased body awareness and coordination
  • Calming his or her nervous system
  • Being taught tools to become more resilient
  • Embracing their uniqueness and their strengths
  • Learning self-acceptance

What does my child need to bring to a class or workshop?

  • Yoga or exercise mat
  • Packed lunch and morning tea for full-day workshops
  • Water bottle
  • Sometimes at full-day workshops we eat outside, and you’ll be advised if you need to bring a hat and sunscreen for this.

About Shining Self Space

Siobhan is the founder of Shining Self Space. Her passion is empowering youth by providing them with accessible life skills they can use to feel more confident and connected with themselves.

Siobhan has a diverse background, with experience in the corporate world as well as being a Level 2 Yoga Australia Yoga teacher, a certified Meditation teacher, and a mum of three. She has been inspired to combine her different roles to create these programs, using her knowledge of stress from the corporate world, seeing the amazing and challenging stages that children go through as they grow, and extensively studying the mind-body connection and the correlations between yoga, meditation and western science. She has been teaching these programs since 2016.


“I thought I’d let you know that (Miss 11) had a wonderful time today and I’ve noticed a lift in her since coming. Please let me know if you plan to run any more sessions or even anything similar for after school.” – Rhia, Mum of Miss 11

My girls have been going since the start of the year and have gotten so much from the classes. Particularly in these anxious times, it’s been a great practice for them to get in to.” – Brooke, Mother of 11 and 14-year-old girls

Both of my children (girl and boy) have loved going to their yoga classes and we have reaped the benefits at home – they particularly loved the relaxation sessions at the end which has helped with calmness at home. On another level, my daughter has started gymnastics and we have found real benefits from yoga going into gymnastics. Siobhan always prepares wonderfully varied classes and is such a calm and caring teacher – we would recommend (Shining Self Space) to anyone.” – Caroline Dare-Williams, Mother to 12-year-old girl and 9-year-old boy

My daughter & I love these classes, not just because it’s fun, but allows kids to unwind yet still focus, in a child specific program. Siobhan is a beautiful teacher, who engages and enlightens the kids, while staying true to the yoga way!” – Jasmin Forsyth, Mother of 7-year-old girl

We have had such amazing results from the yoga our (5 year old girl) has been doing, especially the calming down breathing techniques you have taught her. thanks so much, you have brought some sanity to our house and made such a difference to our quality of life” -Serena, Mother of 5-year-old girl

COVID-safe plan

There is a COVID safe plan in place and Shining Self Space follows the current regulations from Queensland Health.

In the event of changing restrictions, lockdown, or quarantine, you’re entitled to a transfer or refund.

To find out more, including upcoming school holiday programs, term time programs and locations, please visit the Shining Self Space website.


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