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About Northside Tuition

Northside Tuition is an academic tutoring and education advisory service for Brisbane families that offers tutoring for kids in North Brisbane. It is run by Kylie Fedrick – an experienced, registered teacher with qualifications in special education, early childhood teaching and psychology. She is currently completing further university study in gifted education.

Kylie has frequently been described by the families and students she works with as ‘caring’, ‘knowledgeable’, ‘passionate’, ‘fun’, ‘patient’ and ‘kind’. She brings all these traits to her work every day, incorporating a personalised, hands-on approach to tutoring and consulting with parents.

Kylie has a special knack for building rapport with students of different ages from a range of backgrounds. She believes that forming a connection with her students is the key to them growing academically, socially and emotionally. Her goal is for each student to walk away from their tutoring sessions happy, confident and ready to apply their skills back in the school environment.

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Tutoring Programs tailored for kids

Northside Tuition currently caters for children from Prep through to Year 6. Tutoring is available in one-to-one and small-group settings (maximum of 5 students).

All kids tuition programs at Northside Tuition are offered in a warm, relaxed environment. Kylie has a purpose-designed space in her Northside Brisbane home which is located in a quiet, dead-end street complete with a friendly, calm golden retriever for making kids (and parents) of all ages feel at ease.

Tutoring is currently available in the following:

  • English and Maths (including times tables and abacus training)
  • Creative writing
  • Social skills for students with Autism and
  • Extension programs for gifted students.

There is no ‘one-formula fits all’ approach at Northside Tuition, therefore, each student is assessed in a low-pressure, informal way using observations and work samples. In consultation with you and your child, an intervention program is then developed using a combination of hands-on activities, traditional learning materials and technology. There are

  • no false promises given,
  • no lock-in contracts and
  • no unrealistic timelines provided for progress.

Northside Tuition recognises and values the important role that parents play in helping children with their learning, so each session incorporates helpful hints, strategies and has set time for feedback at the end of each session.

Kylie is also happy to work in consultation with schools, allied health professionals, such as speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists and psychologists who may be concurrently supporting your child. The motto at Northside Tuition is ‘It takes a village to educate a child’.

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Education Advisory Service

Kylie has two decades of experience working in school settings, supporting parents of students with special needs, learning difficulties, giftedness, social-emotional challenges, sensory processing difficulties, anxiety, ADHD, OCD and behavioural issues.

Kylie recognizes the challenges that parents of students with the aforementioned needs can experience in navigating the school system. Therefore, she offers parents a consultancy service which consists of:

  • One-on-one, personalised advice on matters related to transitions, advocacy within the school setting, managing complex behaviours, and promoting academic engagement and progress.
  • Development of social stories and/or visual aids to support social-emotional, sensory and/or behavioural issues in the home or school setting.

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Northside Tuition is up-front about costs to families for tutoring and advisory services. There are no hidden fees and no lock-in contracts to sign.

  • Tutoring fees $50-$70/hour.
  • Social skills programs $80/hour.
  • Consultation fees are $150/ hour.

Why Choose Northside Tuition

  • Personalised Tutoring
  • Qualified, experienced, registered teacher
  • No lock-in contracts
  • Catering for all children – including those with special needs
  • Supporting families
  • Working together to achieve the best outcomes – ‘it takes a village to educate a child’

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  1. “Kylie was highly recommended as a tutor for our 6 year old son, by his school, as he has some learning and social difficulties. Kylie is very respectful, warm, playful, calm, engaging and patient. Her educational activities were fun and our son looked forward to seeing her every time. She provided simple exercises, games and ideas for me to use as a parent to engage with our son at home. Her strong knowledge of the education system, children’s development, learning difficulties and diverse learning strategies helped me as a parent to understand our son’s needs better and how best to engage with him to help him reach his full potential. We are blessed to have a person of Kylie’s calibre provide guidance and support to our son and family. A.S.
  2. “Our daughter has been tutored by Kylie for three years. After seeing several other tutors, we were referred to Kylie. With Kylie’s help, our daughter had gone from a below average student who struggled with all aspects of the curriculum and finding school very stressful to achieving consistently good marks across the board and is now a very dedicated student who enjoys her education. Kylie has not only tutored our daughter with Maths and English, she has helped change her mind-set on schooling. Kylie has also guided us, as parents, through the schooling process offering support and advice when needed. Kylie’s love and passion for teaching is one-of-a-kind.” Carly and Rob
  3. “Kylie Fedrick is a qualified special education teacher and has been tutoring our son for quite some time now. Jake is 9 years old and has Verbal Dyspraxia and Auditory Processing Disorder. He enjoys the sessions with Kylie because she makes learning enjoyable. Everything is tailored to his learning requirements. This may include playing a game to encourage his learning and long-term recall. He has the wiggles and gets distracted so finds it hard to sit for long but Kylie knows exactly how to work with that. He asks when he sees Kylie again. We think that speaks volumes! We would not hesitate to recommend Kylie Fedrick as a highly over-qualified Tutor. Kylie has dedicated half her life to studying and helping children like ours. There is no child she cannot support!” Carolyn N.

Call Northside Tuition today on 07 3269 5859 or email Kylie at [email protected].

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