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Muscle, Strength & Coordination Building | Sensory Integration | Cognitive & Motor Planning | Gymnastics & Sports Skills | Confidence

TumbleTastics is a physical, cognitive, sensory and music program specially designed by child development experts for children aged 6 weeks to 8 years old. All classes are age-appropriate, with each activity challenging children to achieve milestones and build confidence. TumbleTastics’ thematic approach to learning keeps the children engaged and excited as they are immersed into a new imaginative world of learning every single week! They offer songs, music, dances, relays, circuits, learning stations, games, puppets and swings while children attempt new gymnastics skills focused around hanging, tumbling and balancing. Their excellent student/teacher ratio offers a unique level of expertise, support and individual coaching and that separates them from all other programs. Try the award winning TumbleTastics program today to see what everyone’s talking about!

Tumbletastics kindergym

Tumbling classes for kids

At TumbleTastics, they offer babies, toddlers and big kids the opportunity to learn key physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills, plus develop their strength, balance, coordination and confidence – all in a fun filled, caring environment! Their unique weekly themes add to the excitement of their classes and combines with their progressive program, which includes activities geared to promoting and encouraging age-appropriate development and learning.

Tumbletastics kindergym

Each 50 minute class is a new adventure; with opportunities for learning and growth, where your child can build their ability, skills, knowledge and confidence.

At TumbleTastics, they celebrate every achievement; and it is with each of these small steps that your children can truly develop their full potential.

Tumbletastics kindergym

TinyTumblers BabyGym

Ability Level: Non-Mobile Babies from 6 weeks of age

Every first milestone is celebrated in TinyTumblers, TumbleTastics’ creative and progressive program which promotes sensory stimulation, music and movement, socialisation and bonding, cognitive learning, baby sign language, and physical development through fun and educational activities for both babies and parents to experience together.


Ability Level: Crawling, Cruising & Stepping

The TumbleTastics’ Echidnas are growing stronger and faster every day! Brain development and muscle memory are encouraged to progress every week as children participate in age-appropriate obstacle adventures, repetitive movement patterns, songs, puppets and instruments, and exploratory learning stations! Parents glow as their little one’s confidence and pre-walking skills grow and grow!


Ability Level: Independent Walkers up to 2 years of age

Wombats enter the exciting world of TumbleTastics’ specialised Kindergym Program! These thematic classes introduce structure and circuits, while attempting new gymnastics and skill stations every week! Packed with fine motor and problem solving activities, plus engaging in parallel play, sharing and turn-taking; Wombats begin to form a clearer understanding of the world around them in a nurturing and fun environment!


Age Level: 2-3 years of age

Fun! Fun!! FUN!!! Emus are often quick on their feet and more determined in their decision making. TumbleTastics are there to make learning fun! The goal of this program is to nurture a healthy relationship with education, structure and physical activity; to create a space where children WANT to learn, grow and achieve! It’s time to build on gymnastics, early sports skills, hand-eye coordination, climbing, trampolining, directional jumps and landings and more! Still with a strong essence of imagination, independence and play!


Age Level: 3 – 5 years of age

TumbleTastics’ Joeys are their first age level of independent tumblers! Where Kindergym meets recreational gymnastics and introduces sports fundamentals! TumbleTastics’ unbeatable student/teacher ratio allows teachers to individually coach each child at their own skill level in a group and team environment! Focus is on confidence building and apparatus achievements, still with lots of laughs and imaginative silliness! Every Joey is a superstar at TumbleTastics!


Age Level: 6 – 8 years of age

The Roos class is the first step in the TumbleTastics pathway to our TumbleSports programs! Where children secure a love and passion for fitness, gymnastics, sports and teamwork! From beginners to advanced, this non-competitive program challenges each child to achieve developmental success with the support of expert coaches! Goal setting starts now as Sports Fundamental Skills are developed, Floor and Apparatus Gymnastics skills are progressed and achieved, and a wide range of Obstacle Courses, Circuits and Drills are practiced! This high energy class leaves kids feeling fit, healthy, worked-out and wanting more!

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