Kids Self Defence Martial Arts with Hokkaido Wolves

The Hokkaido Wolves club is a great way for kids to increase their self confidence, fitness, awareness and defence skills is through a martial art style like Ninjutsu.  Classes are aimed to teach defensive techniques in a fun yet disciplined environment. The program is challenging enough so they don’t become bored, without being too discouraging. Regular grading allows kids to continually strive to practice and improve their skills. Games and scenarios are integrated during classes to reinforce skills and keep kids interested.

Hokkaido Wolves

Chosen by the kids themselves, the club is named Hokkaido Wolves after a Japanese wolf.  The Hokkaido Wolves kids’ club is part of Shinken Dojo. Hokkaido Wolves can start learning from 5 years old up to 14 years, and learn self defence, stranger awareness, fitness, self discipline, self respect, confidence, anti-bully awareness, flexibility and co-ordination. When kids become members they are given a t-shirt with the club name, so they feel they belong to this great school.

Self defence classes for kids in Brisbane

Ninjutsu – The Art of the Ninja

Ninjutsu, the art of the ninja, is an ancient Japanese defensive style of martial arts descending originally from China. Ninja means ‘invisible men’, due to their skills in stealth to avoid the enemy and, if caught, defend themselves. The skills involved include rolling, striking, blocks, defensive tactics and situational awareness.  These are modified to teach kids practical techniques which can be used in everyday situations. The benefit of learning Ninjutsu is that kids practice on sensei’s (teacher) which helps their confidence.

Hokkaido Wolves, martial arts, kids

Kids Self Defence Martial Arts Classes

Class sizes at Hokkaido Wolves are small so kids get more opportunities to use their new skills. It also allows for more individualised attention for new-comers. Held twice a week on the Southside, kids can attend one or both classes each week during term time. There are no contracts, allowing the flexibility to pay only for the classes your child attends. Reasonable class fees and yearly membership make this one of the most affordable martial art schools in Brisbane. Most importantly, the FIRST CLASS IS FREE to allow your child to participate to ensure they are comfortable in continuing.

Self defence classes for kids in Brisbane


“These classes provide children with an opportunity to learn how to defend themselves, gain discipline, keep fit and build their confidence.  Classes are taught in a fun environment under a knowledgeable and caring instructor” – Kelly

To find out more about joining the Hokkaido Wolves, and booking your child in for their free trial class, please visit their website.

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