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In My Own Kitchen, cooking classes for kids

Teaching kids about the joys of food, from the garden to kitchen

Is there is budding chef in your kitchen just waiting to discover the joys of cooking?

With over 18 years of professional culinary experience, Chef Luisa loves to share her delight and extensive knowledge of food with anyone who loves to roll up their sleeves and grab a bowl.

Chef Luisa has worked with high school students for the latter part of her culinary career, teaching the way of the kitchen and invoking a respect for food and desire to create in anyone she works with. In My Own Kitchen is built on the desire to share what Luisa knows – to inspire others to cook delicious food and know where their food comes from. 

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Private cooking classes

Private cooking classes are a great way for your kids to learn the ins and outs of the kitchen in the comfort of their own home. From fresh pasta to pastries, the options are only limited to your kid’s imagination! Prices start from $60 for packages servicing Brisbane Metro residents.

Group Holiday Cooking Class

Stuck with kids under your feet in the holidays? Group cooking classes are listed on the website for each holiday when available. Priced at $45/child, these classes are a great way for kids to cook in a group environment and learn some delicious new skills. Each holiday session is themed and all items made are hands on and theirs to take home at the end of the lesson.

Coming in 2020 are new express classes. Please see website for details. Classes are limited to 10 participants, so make sure to book early to not miss out!

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Parent and child cooking classes

If you would like to cook with your child, In My Own Kitchen can create parent/child classes designed to foster a fun and relaxed environment where both you and your child can bond whilst learning new ideas and mastering new skills. Please enquire for prices and class ideas.

Where in In My Own Kitchen located?

Classes are held in a professional kitchen classroom in Kedron. One-on-one or group lessons can be held in your home in Brisbane Metro Area, although some travel charges may apply. See the website for full terms and conditions for booking classes.

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If you are looking for quality cooking classes with a professional chef who loves to have fun, then look no further than a class with In My Own Kitchen. Book today at so your child can start their food adventure and discover the wonders the kitchen can reveal.

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