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ArtStar Studio kids art classes

ArtStar Studio specialises in children’s art education with kids art classes in Brisbane. The Studio is staffed by qualified teachers with art training as well as extensive school experience. Artstar develops unique programmes aimed at stimulating children’s creativity in a fun and expressive way. Their studio school welcomes students to communicate their ideas in an environment that both challenges and encourages them to discover what they are capable of.

Who is behind ArtStar Studio?

As the Director of Artstar, Michelle Bugler, B.A (Vis Art), Grad. Dip Ed (Primary), M.Ed (Early Childhood), has twenty-five years’ experience in teaching; working in schools, university and at the studio planning and implementing art programmes. Michelle specialises in visual arts learning experiences that are tailored for children from pre-kindergarten and prep ages through to early adolescence. Michelle is a practising artist who has participated in various group and solo exhibitions.

Alongside Michelle is a dedicated team of teaching assistants who are experienced artists and educators in their own right. With many years’ experience working at the studio, each art assistant has developed a unique approach to art education and whole-heartedly support students in their creative endeavours.

art education for kids at artstar studio

Art education for children And teens

ArtStar Studio offers students a space where their creative minds and unique styles are valued. Students are exposed to an extensive range of art mediums and techniques; with painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media and ceramics forming the core visual arts experiences in the programme. The team at ArtStar Studio specialise in children’s art education. They provide multi-age classes for children aged 5 – 10 years, and also teenage to young adult art education.

gorgeous kids artwork from art studio artstar

The benefits of art education

ArtStar’s programme focuses on art EDUCATION, not craft, so current educational ideas and research in art education form the basis of the curriculum. In accordance with this, Michelle and her Team plan and provide art activities that are relevant and interesting to all children. They aim, as much as possible, to meet individual needs and to remain CHILD-CENTRED in their approach.

As they experience and learn about creative thinking through art, children are taught practical and technical skills in developmentally appropriate learning episodes and time frames. It is ArtStar’s belief that creativity cannot flourish without scaffolding and support from qualified art teachers.

ArtStar Studio gallery for kids in Brisbanes a 

The ArtStar Gallery

The ArtStar Gallery is Brisbane’s only dedicated gallery for Children’s Art. It ipurpose-built gallery space where student work is curated and displayed on a regular basis. The gallery is adjacent to the studio and provides an important extension to our educational programme. It is very popular with students and families who come to marvel at the creative endeavours of all!

ArtStar Studio childrens gallery and artwork

Classes at ArtStar Studio

ArtStar Studio’s classes are run during school term time and feature multi-age groupings. Each class group works on different projects which are never the same. The resulting artworks are curated and hung in our purpose-built ArtStar Gallery.

Classes are two-hour sessions, with a 15-minute break in between. The classes are all-inclusive in terms of tuition and materials costs. Each class group is staffed by two art-trained teachers and usually a junior teacher aide.

Give ArtStar Studio a call or visit their website to find out about timetables and to book an art class for your child. you can also email them at [email protected]


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