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IWKA Kung Fu can make your child a champion in life!

Parenting is amazing, but tough! You can read every parenting book, implement all of the paediatrician’s recommendations, and listen to endless advice from veteran mums and dads; but, let’s face it, in reality raising children is not easy. All parents want to raise well behaved, happy, healthy and polite little angels, but what can you do as a parent to help this happen?

One of the many things you can do is enrol your child in Martial Arts classes. Martial Arts classes can have many positive effects on children (and adults too!) and have been shown to significantly support physical and emotional development in children.

IWKA Kids Kung Fu, martial arts classes

The benefits of Martial Arts for your child

Martial Arts can have a positive effect on your child in multiple ways, and we have heard many success stories from the Kung Fu Brisbane IWKA School and their Educational IWKA Kids Kung Fu Programs. When starting their Kung Fu journey, children will learn the value of hard work and responsibility, and will experience benefits that are unlikely found in any other sports. Many parents of the IWKA Kung Fu Kids have witnessed an increase in their child’s confidence and have seen a determination to:

  • perform better at school,
  • become fitter and move better,
  • develop a better body-mind connection,
  • and much more.

These positive changes have been attributed to consistent Kung Fu training. Kung Fu Brisbane IWKA explains that, from their experience, they have seen that behavioural changes are coming from both external and internal attributes. They focus on improving children’s physical abilities, and socio-emotional skills with their Kids Kung Fu programs.

IWKA Kids Kung Fu, martial arts classes

About Kids Kung Fu at Kung Fu Brisbane IWKA

Sifu Jurgen Baha, director of Kung Fu Brisbane IWKA, proudly mentions that the European IWKA Academies have created highly effective and educational Kids’ Kung Fu Programs with the help of many experts in the field. Teachers, children’s specialists, medical experts and even police officers have contributed to crafting these unique programs for children. Kung Fu Brisbane IWKA runs four Educational Kids Training Programs for the following age groups:

  • IWKA Kung Fu Pandas (3-5yrs)
  • IWKA Kung Fu Tigers (6-8yrs)
  • IWKA Kung Fu Dragons (9-11yrs)
  • IWKA Kung Fu Juniors for young adolescents (12-15yrs)

The Martial arts school is part of the Internal Wisdom & Knowledge Association (IWKA), one of the largest worldwide Kung Fu associations. They have seen their Kids Kung Fu Programs work for thousands of children across numerous countries. Beyond self-defence, the programs also teach children many valuable lessons, such as defeating self-doubt and breaking through potential negative mindsets. The IWKA instructors aim to unleash a powerful force in children, so they develop a “can do” attitude that lets them overcome any challenges they might face including bullies and hostile strangers. “When your child learns to put a Kung Fu skill, like discipline, into practice during a lesson, it is also training them to implement the same principle into other areas of their life,” says Sifu Jurgen Baha. He then continues to explain how Kung Fu can make a powerful impact on your child. “The Kung Fu Brisbane Programs can produce great results for your child. Unlike the majority of many sports, your child will have the ability to nurture and cultivate their natural talents. Many sports rely on strong group dynamics, which is beneficial but can also mean that some children do not receive the same attention. Whereas, in the Kids Kung Fu classes, our instructors focus more on the individual, developing each child’s skills, which makes it more personal. We provide progress reports and your child’s good efforts will be rewarded with periodical gradings, where they can earn their next sashes and patches.

The parents of the IWKA Kung Fu Kids have been very positive about their child’s development after enrolling them. They see improvements in their physical abilities: strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and agility, and improvements in their child’s mental and emotional abilities. Kung Fu Brisbane IWKA’s goal is to support parents, to make their children champions in life!

IWKA Kids Kung Fu, martial arts classes

What parents say about IWKA Kids Kung Fu

Kung Fu Brisbane IWKA has an excellent program for young children. They don’t just teach Kung Fu, but essential life skills like respect, confidence and good habits. Highly recommended after school activity for any child.‘ – Rick (Father of an IWKA Kung Fu Tiger)

Our boys (7 & 8) have been attending IWKA for a year now, and I highly recommend to anyone looking for a holistic approach to self-defence. They offer more than just physical training, the boys learn about self-control, self-awareness, respect and discipline. The trainers are very knowledgeable and create an inclusive environment for all levels of ability. Plus, they create a fun community-focused environment to train in. I can’t thank Sifu and his team enough for helping to develop our boys into strong, respectful, confident young men.‘ – Daniel (Father of two Kung Fu Tigers) 

IWKA Kids Kung Fu, martial arts classes

To find out more about IWKA Kids Kung Fu, including how to take advantage of their free trial class, please visit https://www.kungfubrisbane.com.au/kids-kung-fu.

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