Indoor Trampoline Centre with Skyzone

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park at MacGregor is the ultimate in indoor fun and boasts over 200 trampolines a lot of them interconnected to form huge areas where you can jump from one trampoline to another and they even line the walls.

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The entire centre is split into fantastic areas where kids and adults alike can get the most out of their session and the areas include foam pits, basketball courts, dodgeball courts, the wall, corporate function areas, kids party rooms and even a chill out area for kids to have a rest on the beanbags while watching a bit of tv and in the middle of it all is a fantastic cafe and lounge area.

indoor trampoline centre brisbane

If that isn’t enough there is always the brand new Skyland which is a 3 storey laser tag arena where up to 40 players can battle it out in a glowing, cloud filled wonderland . To say that Sky Zone which is the biggest trampoline park in the southern hemisphere is amazing is an understatement.

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Indoor Trampoline Fitness Factor

Trampolining is a wonderful activity to get your kids active and fit and really tired so that they will sleep well because they can’t help but want to jump. Coming on 18th August is a fantastic addition to Sky Zone’s activity list which is call SkyFit, which are fitness classes for adults and can you think of a more fun way to get fit and tone up? These classes can help you burn up to 1000 calories an hour, they include Cardio, Cardio lite – for those new to exercise, Tightbum, Xjump, and Suspend which utilises suspension ropes.

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When you get to Sky Zone each jumper is given a pair of special socks which give the right grip when jumping and it is compulsory to wear them. Each trampoline station has several Sky Guards who are there to make sure that your children are safe, each guard is specially trained and the ratio is 1 guard to 20 people. Before embarking on a session everyone is given a rundown on the safety rules.

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  • Sky Zone is the biggest trampoline park in the southern hemisphere
  • Over 200 awesome trampolines lining the walls and floors
  • Dodgeball zones – 4 courts where you can bounce, duck and weave your way to glory which was our Brisbane Kids’ favourite activity
  • Sky Slam – trampoline basketball which is harder than it looks
  • Foam pits – somersault, dive or pirouette with a soft landing straight into one of 4 foam pits
  • Skyland – 3 storeys of laser tag in a cloud filled, glowing wonderland
  • The Wall – an area for the experienced trampoline lover. It is like a skate bowl without the skateboards
  • Cafe – drinks, coffee and fantastic food with healthy options such as salads wraps, panini and fruit platters
  • Chill out area full of beanbags for the kids to take a breather
  • Kids parties – 1 hour of jumping, 30 minutes in the party room, food, drinks, Sky Zone socks and invitations
  • Corporate Functions – where you get 1 hour of jumping, 1 hour of private room hire, panini and fruit platters as well as soft drinks and juices.
  • Huge area for parents to chill out while their Brisbane Kids have a tonne of fun
  • Safety – there is 1 Sky Guard to 20 kids and they are all specially trained to keep things as safe as possible
  • Lockers – to safely store all of your gear while you jump

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