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Holoverse – Brisbane and the Gold Coast’s most amazing hologram experience for kids

As featured on 97.3 with Robin, Terry and Bob

With Hologram Centres at Westfield Garden City and Surfers Paradise (Cavil Avenue, Gold Coast), Holoverse is a hi-tech family hologram centre that allows your family to experience a wide variety of different hologram attractions – you’ve never seen anything like this before!


What is Holoverse?

Do your kids love their screens? Then you’ll love Holoverse, where your whole family can have a wonderful social experience together while enjoying their hologram experiences. Holoverse’s hologram experiences in Queensland are very popular and they have received 4.9 stars on Facebook reviews.

Perhaps you’ve seen holograms on movies like Star Wars, Avengers or Star Trek. Holograms look real and solid, but they are made of laser light. They float in the air and you can put your hand straight through them. Robin, Terry and Bob from 97.3 FM visited Holoverse recently and they were amazed by the experience – “HOLOVERSE Is Brisbane’s Next Big Thing In Technology” they said.

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Kid-friendly Hologram Experiences

Holoverse has used amazing Hologram technology that was formerly very expensive and only available to universities and top science centres to create amazing kid-friendly hologram experiences. Each of their hologram experiences takes place in a COVID-safe private Hologram Room that can accommodate up to 6 people (family discounts available, kids under 4 can attend free if they accompany a paying grown-up).

Holoverse has a variety of different hologram experiences to choose from and they also have a Hologram Arcade where your family can play unique new Hologram Games to win prizes like an Apple watch or cool craft toys! Each hologram experience ticket is a package that also includes free credits for the Hologram Arcade that you can use while you wait to start your hologram experience.

Holoverse does book out very quickly during school holidays, so it’s important to book online at the Holoverse website to avoid disappointment.

Holographic Aquarium launching December 2020

Interactive Holographic Aquarium Experience

Does your family love sea creatures and visiting aquariums? In this amazing interactive hologram attraction, you and your family will be surrounded by holographic sea creatures made out of laser light! The sea creatures are very gentle and friendly and they interact and react to the special wand that you will hold in your hand.

You will be amazed by 10 different mini-adventures, including:

  1. Swim with life-sized Holographic fin whales (don’t worry, they are very gentle)
  2. Go search for a well-camouflaged Mimic Octopus
  3. Paint cute seahorses to help them hide from sharks
  4. Visit the deepest depths of the ocean in a special submarine
  5. Learn about conservation by cleaning up the ocean depths!

Girl patting holographic dinosaur

Interactive Holographic Dinosaur Adventure

Is your child obsessed with dinosaurs? In this holographic experience, you and your family will enjoy 10 different interactive scenes from the Jurassic era, Triassic era and more. All of the dinosaurs are life-sized, but don’t worry, they are not too scary and they can’t hurt you!

“Holographic Dinosaur Adventure” was Holoverse’s top title of 2019 and 2020, with 4.9 stars ratings on Facebook reviews from many reviewers. This kid-friendly experience includes:

  1. Meet a life-sized Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and Apatosaurus
  2. See baby dinosaurs hatch from their eggs
  3. Feed a mother Apatasaurus some grass and watch her react to you
  4. Protect baby dinosaurs from dangerous Velociraptors by whacking them on the head with a stick!
  5. Go underwater and see what aquatic dinosaurs used to look like
  6. Become an archaeologist and go on a Hologram fossil dig!

Hologram Sports

Are you looking for something a little more competitive? HoloSports lets you and your family verse each other in 7 exciting hologram sports events using holographic equipment. You divide into teams and the winning team wins a toy!

This attraction includes:

  1. Javelin or discus throwing
  2. Archery (a popular favourite)
  3. Holographic Ping-Pong
  4. …and more!

Hologram Arcade

While you’re waiting to start your hologram experience, use your free credits you get when you book to play with your family and win prizes! Holoverse have unique new hologram arcade machines with built-in prize dispensers that are certain to be a big hit with your kids.

Designed for family-friendly fun, the following arcade machines are included in your main session ticket price:

  • Hologram Arcade Table. These are like normal arcade machines, except the characters are holograms projected up from the table. Each game is for two players and the winner always gets a prize. Games include Rally Racer, Aerial Assault, Hungry Crocs, Cave Explorers, Catapults & Castles and Unicorns vs Narwhals. New games feature every school holidays. Each game goes for around 5 minutes. The controls are designed for kids and the games are very easy to play.
  • Giant Touch-Screen Games. Holoverse took the old-fashioned “Claw Game” that many find so frustrating and made a digital version! Now you can play a “Match-3” style game to win a toy. They’ve greatly lowered the odds to make this a fun, rewarding arcade-style game for kids to play while they wait to start their hologram experiences.

NOT just games!

Holoverse’s hologram experiences are NOT just games – they are “social edutainment” experiences designed by Holoverse’s leading Brisbane hologram content studio and offer both amazing entertainment and in-depth holographic education for your kids. For example, in the Holographic Aquarium Experience, your kids will learn about how Parrotfish make sand, they will rescue baby turtle hatchlings from hungry Seagulls, etc. All of this is designed to interactively teach children about the wonderful world of nature in a kid-safe and very unique setting.

Lost Island Hologram Fly-over Experience

boy flying over holographic city

Ever wanted to experience the joy of flight without leaving the ground? Now you can with our family-friendly Lost Island Fly-over Hologram Experience. Fly around interactively through a lost Mayan City, uncovering all kinds of hidden creatures – sometimes Pterodactyls will even fly along next to you if you don’t scare them away! This upgrade is very popular and many people have opted to try it and be amazed by the sensation of flying like a bird through a hologram. This experience is an upgrade that can be purchased for an additional fee when combined with any of Holoverse’s hologram experience sessions.

Holoverse Testimonials

Highly recommend this for the kids I took 3 of my grandchildren there today and they loved it. Great fun, friendly helpful staff. We went for the group offer & we all enjoyed it A+” – TM, Facebook Reviews

Great experience…..little and older people loved the interaction with the dinosaurs. good learning experience as well” – SW, Facebook Reviews

Interactive and educational. My daughter had an awesome time and learned a bit as well. Definitely recommend.” – DT, Facebook Reviews

Girl standing in front of holographic aquarium with dolphins

Holoverse FAQs

How much does it cost?

Holoverse’s hologram experiences are a package that includes a unique hologram experience (Dinosaur Adventure, Holographic Aquarium etc.), as well as 5 free credits to use on the Hologram Arcade machines or giant touch-screen games. The package price for families is $32 per person, or $100 for a group of 4-6. Kids under 4 are free, as long as they accompany a grown-up to a paid session.

Are bookings required?

Bookings are NOT required and walk-ins are welcome to book at the front desk at Holoverse centres, however, they do strongly recommend that you book online to avoid disappointment as they fill up very quickly during the school holidays like all popular family attractions. You can book online using any credit card.

How long are the hologram experiences?

Each hologram experience is about 30 minutes, but, because hologram experience packages include free credits to the Hologram Arcade, most guests end up spending at least an hour there.

Is this safe for kids? Is it too scary?

All of Holoverse’s hologram experiences are carefully designed to be kid-friendly. They even test them with their own kids – they love coming to the office! The content is designed to be educational and is something that many school groups have enjoyed, while at the same time it is sophisticated enough that grown-ups will also learn something new and be amazed by the interactive hologram experiences.

The special hologram glasses that you wear are COVID-safe and Holverse has a smaller size available for young children. They designed these experiences for the enjoyment of their own families.

Is this virtual reality? Will my child wear a big helmet?

No, this definitely NOT virtual reality. Your child will only wear a small, comfortable pair of glasses, similar to sunglasses. You use a “wand” which is like a TV remote control to interact with the sea creatures and dinosaurs – they respond to your touch and move around. There is no big helmet to wear on your head and no cords attached to you at all – the whole experience is designed to be wireless and is designed to be friendly for younger children.

Are Holoverse centres wheelchair accessible?

YES, Holoverse centres are designed to be used easily by people in wheelchairs. There are no stairs.

Does Holoverse host birthday parties?

Absolutely! Holoverse has a dedicated Hologram Birthday Party Room with special hologram birthday software that will amaze your guests!

To find out more, and to book, please visit the Holoverse website, email [email protected], or phone (07) 5661 3010.

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