Gymnastics and Ninja Holiday Programs

Balance Brisbane, gymnastics in Brisbane

Balance Brisbane’s 4-hour Gymnastics and Ninja (parkour, gymnastics & tricking) school holiday program in Yeronga is exciting and fun!

School holiday gymnastics and Ninja program

Balance Brisbane offer an active, physical and fun 4-hour holiday program in both gymnastics and Ninja Gym (Ninja Gym is a combination of Parkour, Gymnastics and Tricking – all the cool stuff the kids want to be able to do!). They have designed the program so that the kids have a great time, and are pretty tired when you collect them – you also get 4 hours to get a few things done without them!  You can drop off from 8.30 am and then pick up at 1pm.

Balance Brisbane, gymnastics school holiday program

School holiday programs on offer

Gymnastics program for ages 4 and up – girls and boys welcome

The gymnastics program is a combination of gymnastics and active games. Over the 4 hours, the children will engage with all six gymnastics stations in Balance Brisbane’s gym, including bars, beam, 10m trampoline track, sprung floor, vault and support. Their qualified gymnastics coach will set tasks that fit each child’s ability for a beginner to intermediate gymnasts (higher level gymnasts would need to book into Balance Brisbane’s specific holiday program designed for them – details available leading up to each school holiday period by calling 0421 398827).

Balance Brisbane aim for group sizes of no more than 9 children per coach. Participants will get two snack breaks and lots of hydrations stops!

Note: Generally, more girls than boys book in for the gymnastics program.

Ninja Holiday Program for ages 5 and up – boys and girls welcome

Balance Brisbane’s Ninja holiday program takes place in their specifically fitted-out Ninja space. It is a very active 4 hour session, combining specific apparatus stations, obstacle courses and active games. Apparatus stations include, bars, air-track, vault run, 3m high Parkour wall, floor and precision jumping on beams.

All sessions are guided by qualified gymnastics coaches and Balance Brisbane aim for groups of no more than 9. The children also get two snack breaks and many hydration stops! They’ll come them home with big smiles and tired muscles!

Note: Generally more boys than girls book into the Ninja program.

Ninja learn to vault

During the first week of the school holidays, Balance Brisbane host a 2 hour learn or enhance your Ninja vaulting skills workshop. Vaulting comprises a number of different styles of jumping over obstacles of varying height. The better you get the higher the obstacle you attempt to vault over.

Sessions are Monday-Friday for the first week of school holidays, from 1:30pm to 3:30pm.

Balance Brisbane, gymnastics school holiday program

What to wear and bring

Children should wear clothing that is comfortable and easy to move in; either loose or stretchy. Sports shorts and a t-shirt works well. Specific gym or activewear is perfect too. Please make sure there are no sharp or hard bits on the clothing, like heavy metal zips, or metal fastenings or decoration etc., as these can damage your child, other children or the equipment.

Children should also pack a water bottle and a lunch box with enough food for two food breaks. The children can refill water bottles as needed and will have space to eat on chairs or the floor as they prefer.

Balance Brisbane school holiday program times and days

Balance Brisbane usually open Monday to Friday morning in the state school holidays at Easter, June/July and September. They then open for 3 or 4 weeks of the summer holidays, closing for two weeks over Christmas. They are closed on public holidays.

Details and online bookings open about 3 weeks before each holiday starts. Balance Brisbane often put on afternoon sessions, depending on demand. They can also put on a private session if you have a minimum of 5 participants, which can be organised through their phone number – 0421 398827.


The class was the perfect size and the coach was very engaging with the participants.  My daughter was so excited to demonstrate all the skills she had learned throughout the course of the day, and I was impressed too!” – Nicole, Balance Brisbane parent

My 5 year old and 8 year old love Balance Brisbane. It’s been great to see their strength, fitness and coordination improve in a fun and safe environment! The holiday program is fantastic and perfect for when I have to work in the holidays. I know the kids are getting fit & having fun at the same time!” – Amy, Balance Brisbane parent

Bookings for the Balance Brisbane school holiday program can be made online via this link –, or via the link on Balance Brisbane’s homepage.

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