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Game Republic Entertainment’s aim is to create a renowned entertainment space for Brisbane’s community. The venue includes one of Australia’s most exclusive cybercafés, a large gaming lounge and luxury karaoke – ALL IN ONE LOCATION! Importantly, RESPECT, SAFETY and COMFORT are at the essence of Game Republic cybercafé’s philosophy.

Entertainment has no limits when you visit Game Republic!

Game Republic Cybercafé

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cybercafe desk setup

Game Republic is one of the best cybercafés in Brisbane. It’s the perfect choice if you are looking for the ultimate esports and gaming venue in Brisbane. They have a wide range of games (from e-sports to single player), up-to-date gaming software and hardware and a café serving various bubble teas and snacks for you to enjoy a day of leisure with your family. Game Republic will provide you with everything you need to ensure you can give your fullest attention to all the games on offer.

Game Republic is a hidden haven where you can enjoy a fantastic time as a family or even hold an amazing party!

ESports, including League of Legends, DOTA 2, Counter Strike-Global Offensive and Fortnite are some of the most popular games available at Game Republic. But that does not mean they don’t have other games of non-competitive genres too! These games include World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Age of Empire and more. And, if you have a game you wish to play but it is not in the Game Republic arsenal, just ask their friendly staff and they’ll install it onto a PC for you! They will also reimburse you with store credit for the time it takes for the game to be installed, so you’re not losing any valuable playing time.

Focussed on serving up next-level gaming experiences, Game Republic has exceptional spaces and a variety of console gaming choices on offer to suit your mood. Moreover, their affordable deals make cybercafé PC gaming great for families!


person playing VR games at cybercafe

In great news for Brisbane’s gaming community, Game Republic is host to regular tournaments and gaming events. These events allow players to show off their talents, meet other gamers from all over Brisbane and, most excitingly, win amazing prizes. Their past tournaments have included a LAN League of Legends tournament, where winners took home a trophy to commemorate their triumph. Game Republic also recently hosted a Fortnite event, where competitors who had earned victory royales within a 2-hour timeframe were rewarded with additional gaming hours credited to their membership. The venue plans to host more tournaments and events for Hearthstone, DOTA2 and CS-GO on a regular basis in the future.

Game Republic Karaoke

karaoke bar brisbane

screen with karaoke brisbane

Game Republic’s Karaoke set-up provides one of Australia’s best singing and entertainment experiences and makes for a unique teen birthday party idea. You can find a host of modern, luxury and private karaoke rooms, all individually designed and themed differently. Furthermore, all the rooms boast their own state-of-the-art, world-leading sound and lighting systems.

Game Republic is also an affordable choice when you are looking for family-friendly karaoke in Brisbane. They believe nothing is more liberating than reaching that high note, so, before you take on the world stage, take this chance to break out into song and perform your favourite tracks for a smaller crowd (your friends or family). 

Private Board Game Rooms

baord game room game republic.

Do you think that’s all Game Republic has??

Surprise! There are also four private board game rooms for playing Majiang (also know as Mahjong) games (and also poker for 18 year olds birthday parties)! These rooms are great for small groups or quiet catch-ups with friends and once again, offer another unique birthday party experience.

At Game Republic, you can enjoy not only your own family time, but also a unique party experience for groups.

To find out more about this fantastic venue, please visit the Game Republic website.

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