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Helping families create parenting plans without the need for court intervention, Gabrielle Passlow Family Dispute Resolution and Mediation Services can assist separated couples in working together towards the best possible outcome for the whole family. 

As a registered and highly qualified Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner with years of mediation experience in many contexts and with diverse client groups, you can be assured you will be treated with dignity, valued as individuals and respected for your attempts to resolve your disputes through mediation. Services are offered via phone, online and in person. Weekend and after hours appointments available. Services are offered across SEQ and in regional locations via visiting services.

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Relationship Breakdown – Separation – Divorce

One of the most stressful times in life can be the end of a relationship resulting in separation or divorce. Relationships end for any number of reasons and the impacts are like a ripple effect on you, your ex partner, children, extended family and friends.

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is the term used by the Family Law Act and Court and refers to a mediation process that aims to assist separating couples to work through any disputes about children or property matters as a result of the relationship ending.

FDR is conducted by a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) and must be registered with the Attorney Generals Department to be able to conduct the FDR process and where necessary issue Section 60(i) certificates.

The Family Law Act requires that couples make a genuine effort to resolve parenting and property disputes before they can attempt to seek parenting orders from the Family Law Court.

In some cases FDR is not appropriate, e.g. where safety is compromised for individuals and/or children and in these cases the FDR Practitioner will issue the necessary Section 60(i) certificate for court order applications.

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What are the benefits of attempting to resolve disputes related to separation and parenting matters through FDR?

The FDR process is cost effective, accessible and supports parents to resolve matters and reach agreements that are in the best interest of the children.

Parents know their children better than a Judge or Court therefore it makes sense that parents work together where suitable to form parenting agreements that are in the children’s best interests and can be workable for the parents.

Children are resilient and come through separation relatively unscathed if parents refrain from exposing the children to the adult conflict. the best outcomes for children are when parents are able to put the adult conflict aside and focus on what is in their children’s best interests.

The FDR Practitioner will assist parents to prepare for the mediation session and assess the appropriateness of the matter for FDR.

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Family Dispute Resolution – Children’s Matters

Mediation for parenting agreements/plans

This service includes assessment, pre mediation information, facilitated mediation and formulation of written agreements. Agreements reached in the FDR process are not legally binding however can be lodged with the Family Law Court as Consent Orders which then are legally binding.

Mediation for property matters and agreements

This service includes assessment, pre mediation preparation information and facilitated mediation. Parties are advised to gain financial and legal advise prior to commencing the property FDR process.

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Gabrielle helped us to see that our children needed us to work together regardless of what we thought of each other. We reached an agreement about time the children would spend with each of us that was appropriate to their age and we realised we could review the agreement as the children’s needs changed and they grew older.‘ – Corrine and Johnathon, Sunshine Coast 

I was skeptical about how mediation would work for us as we were so emotional about the split and both James and I wanted maximum time with with our baby Joel and to have joint decisions on all things in his life. Gab explained the process of mediation and was so respectful of each of our needs but more importantly she helped us see that at the end of the day Joel needed us both and explained to us the benefits to Joel of working together as co parents. Gab didn’t rush the process and even though it took two session to get agreement it was so much better time spent doing that than going to court. Our parenting agreement is clear and provides us both with say on Joel’s upbringing.‘ – Samuel (and James), Sunshine Coast

As a grandmother I was never sure if I had a right to see my grandson when my son and his partner went through a nasty divorce. Gab explained to me that my grandson had a right to have a relationship with me according to the Family Law Act. She arrange d the mediation and now I have an agreement with my daughter in law where I can see my grandson more regularly. The process was made less daunting by Gab’s impartial approach and her skills at getting us to talk to each other.‘ – Marion, Brisbane 

To find out more about how Gabrielle can assist your family, please visit or phone 0438 017 532.

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