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Fitter Futures is changing lives

Fitter Futures offers world-class functional movement and fitness coaching specifically designed for kids (ages 5+) and teenagers which is fun!  Their classes help youth:

  • improve strength, fitness and athleticism
  • develop a love and self-motivation for fitness
  • feel more confident and improve resilience
  • learn how to move and build strength safely, with good mechanics
  • enjoy longevity in sport and reduce injury risk, and
  • establish healthy habits for life.

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Fitness classes catering for all kids and teens

Suitable for all youth no matter their athletic ability, including those who:

  • are inactive or find exercise to be a struggle
  • are looking for an alternative to organised sport or to complement their other activities
  • have aspirations to improve their athleticism, or even become a professional athlete
  • want to get stronger and need to learn how to lift weights safely in a gym environment

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Coaching body and mind

Their specialist youth coaches are also great role models.  They create a training environment which is uniquely inspiring, motivating, supportive and inclusive.  This encourages kids to get out of their comfort zone, to develop a growth mindset and improves confidence and resilience.

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Fitness and Movement Classes Info:

Fitter Futures have a range of classes for kids and teens:

  • Juniors: Ages 5-8 years (sometimes older or younger depending on the child)
  • Tweens: Ages 9-12 years (sometimes older or younger depending on the child)
  • Teens: Ages 12-19 years.  Check out this video of some of their teens in action.
  • Teen Girls: A girls-only class, ages 12+
  • Learn to Lift (10+): Do you have a tween or teenager who is showing an interest in strength training, ‘lifting weights’ or going to the gym? Or maybe they have access to a home gym or school gym? Learn to Lift is a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of movement and strength training, learning ‘how to lift’ with good technique.  It’s a great investment so that parents can have peace of mind – keeping kids safe and improving their understanding of how to train in a gym THE RIGHT WAY.
  • STRONG Teens (12+): A specialised weight training program for teenagers to build strength using barbell lifts and other accessory movements. Fitter Futures’ highest priority is teaching teens how to consistently lift safely with good mechanics and the need to ‘earn the right’ to increase load.  This is a highly effective program for developing strength based on good movement patterns and sound mechanics.
  • M.S. (Stretching. Mobility. Skills): A short class dedicated to helping tweens and teenagers develop good habits with regard to improving flexibility and mobility and other skills.

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What kids & teens say about Fitter Futures

My confidence overall has grown since beginning Fitter Futures as well as my confidence in my athletic abilities.  Fitter Futures has helped me feel more confident about how strong my body really is. When I first started FF I was not confident in my body and its abilities.  I thought I was weak and unfit compared to everyone else.  But that quickly changed as I realised that I could do things and as I saw myself become stronger and complete exercises that I thought I would never be able to do … my confidence grew.  This didn’t just affect me in the gym but it also helped improve other aspects of my life and helped me approach problems or challenges with a confident and ‘I can do it’ attitude.” Testimonial – from Cohen (13 y.o. boy)

Fitter Futures has helped me gain my confidence as well as motivation back to workout through a fun and supportive environment.  Not to mention how my health and strength has improved greatly.  Fitter Futures has also helped me to understand my body and how to complete movements correctly.  Fitter Futures has also helped me change my attitude from an ‘I can’t do this’ to ‘I can do this’ mindset which has been through the coaches pushing me and providing support even though it’s hard and I want to give up.  Completing and pushing through an exercise or workout that you thought you couldn’t do is the best feeling.  Fitter Futures has helped improve my life in and out of the gym.” Testimonial – from Samantha (15 y.o. girl)

I felt really good after every session and felt good about myself.” (Abigail, 11 y.o.)

 “Fitter Futures is helping us learn how to be strong and healthy” (Ava, 10 y.o.)

I feel strong like Mum.” (Sienna, 7 y.o.)

What parents say about Fitter Futures

[My kids] are more confident and independent in life in general, their commitment to the program is inspiring also as they truly love going to their sessions.”

“My daughter’s self-confidence has definitely improved.  She feels more energetic and loves herself more now.”

“Regardless of my children’s ability the coaches always offer support and encouragement and they provide a platform for other participants to congratulate each other which is lovely.”

“Fitter Futures has given my child the insight that being fit does not mean being skinny, but healthy, irrespective of your body type.”

“My son can recognise how effective Fitter Futures has been for him and credits it himself.  His language, attitude and positivity has improved …”

“Coaches are really motivating.  My kids often get bored in normal sporting activities over the term, but Fitter Futures always had them keen to come back even though it was challenging for them each week.”

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