Girl Shaped Flames: Confidence Courses, Camps and Industry Excursions for Teen Girls in Brisbane

Girl Shaped Flames sees each teenage girl’s potential as a fire in her belly. They help them identify their own passions and potential, and then build their confidence and skills and ‘fan their flames’, preparing them for the best chance of happiness and successful futures.

To do this, they connect teen girls in high school (Grades 7-12) with Extraordinary Women at the top of their fields to provide confidence and skill development opportunities.

Each event and experience is designed to help shape how your daughter thinks, what she strives for, and why she wants it. Girl Shaped Flames believes that your girls are strong enough, passionate enough and determined enough to blaze a trail that leaves the world with no choice but to embrace their extraordinary talents and ideas.

But they also believe that in order to do this successfully your daughters need support and opportunities. The development of tangible, real-world advice and skills passed on from women who have tread the path before and are now doing impressive things in their fields.

Camp Courage – January 2021

camp courage

Camp Courage is a unique all-girls 3-day experience that provides teen girls (grades 8-12) the tools to build their own sense of self, confidence, and opinions – and leave with the increased courage and skills to succeed in school, relationships, work and life. 

Hosted by Girl Shaped Flames founder, Tanya Meessmann, and Hollywood Stunt Artist Ky Furneaux, participants will:

  • Disconnect from the digital world
  • Connect with like-minded girls
  • Receive 1:1 mentoring from the camp co-hosts
  • De-pressurise and refocus on goals and their sense of self

Set in the stunning landscapes of Ivory’s Rock this experience is intimate and life-changing. Strictly limited to 30 girls per camp, it is best suited to girls who want to:

  • Meet and connect with other like-minded girls and build new and lasting friendships
  • Increase their confidence and capacity to pursue their goals
  • Harness existing confidence to take their ambition to the next level
  • Build a better understanding of their own moral, social and intellectual viewpoints and decision-making

For more information head to:

2020 Company Excursions

Girl Shaped Flames Company Excursions

Our Company Excursions have been designed to connect teenage girls with strong, positive female role models. These experiences are offered FREE OF CHARGE thanks to our generous sponsors, and work to: 

// increase her confidence

// increase her understanding of the world around her

// provide exposure to different industries and opportunities

We are hoping to offer in person company visits later in the year when COVID-19 restrictions are eased, in the meantime keep an eye out for our virtual visits!

// and connect her with other like-minded girls with fire in their bellies.

For the September/October school holidays we have two very exciting events planned:

Amazon Virtual Company Visit – Tue 22 September 2020 09:00 AM – 2:30 PM AEST

This rare and unique opportunity to see inside one of the world’s most impressive companies is now open to teen girls Year 7-12.


You are invited to this interactive and informative event where you will hear inspiring stories from women who work in a variety of departments. This virtual online only event is offered FREE OF CHARGE to girls in Grades 7-12 thanks to our generous sponsorship partner.

ABOUT OUR PARTNER: AMAZON, Inc. is an American multinational technology company based in Seattle, Washington. Amazon focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. It is considered one of the Big Four technology companies, along with Google, Apple, and Facebook. It has been referred to as “one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world” as well as the world’s most valuable brand.

During this exclusive all-day event, girls will experience:

1) A macro overview of Amazon and the broader industry from a senior member of staff

2) An interactive Q&A panel with key female staff members ranging from recent graduate placements through to senior management during which they can ask their burning questions!

3) Develop a comprehensive understanding of available roles, pathways and opportunities for girls and women within Amazon.

4) A virtual “tour” of Amazon’s Australian offices

5) A virtual workshop led by their Innovation Advisory Consultant

6) A rotating set of small-group virtual Mentoring Sessions, each hosted by an Amazon team member.

The day will finish at

NOTE: Girls are welcome to dial in for the whole day, or just for the sessions they’re able to make or are interested in.

NOTE: A brief break for lunch will be provided at 12:30pm

Skedulo All Day Company Excursion, Thu 1 October 2020, 9:00 am – 2:30 pm AEST

A rare and unique opportunity to see inside one of QLD’s fastest-growing software companies.


** This event is strictly limited to 24 girls in Grades 7-12 due to COVID restrictions **

Our rare and unique opportunities to see inside some of Queensland’s most impressive companies are now open to teen girls in Grades 7-12

You are invited to these interactive and informative events where you will hear inspiring stories from women who work in a variety of fields and industries.


During this exciting all-day experience held on-site at Skedulo’s gorgeous Fortitude Valley offices, girls in attendance will participate in:

1)A macro overview of Skedulo and the broader tech industry presented by the company’s CEO

2) An interactive Q&A with key female staff members ranging from recent graduate placements through to senior management during which the girls can ask their own burning questions

3) Developing a comprehensive understanding of available roles, pathways and opportunities for girls and women within Skedulo.

4) A tour of their funky office to see how tech companies operate on a day-to-day basis

5) A rotating series of workshops hosted by Skedulo team members from 4 different departments, looking at Customer Success, UX/UI development, coding and Project Management

The day finishes at 2:30pm

This event is provided FREE OF CHARGE to attendees, thanks to generous sponsorship provided by Skedulo.

To book these company excursions please go to our website:

To find out about company excursions planned for 2020 please check the Girl Shaped Flames website at

Feedback from previous participants

Girl Shaped Flames, workshops for teen girls

I think the workshops today were empowering and gave me ways to be more confident and to achieve my goals.” – Isabella, Teen Girl

The day was great! Lovely people and very comfortable environment. I definitely leave here today with a deeper insight into careers I might pursue and more options I hadn’t considered! Thank you!” – Greta, Teen Girl

Thank you for creating such a fantastic program which supports our young women to step forward, stand up and speak up but lead to writing their own playbook for the future. Thrilled something finally exists that helps them show leadership, support & build resilience and confidence in our young girls!” – Sammie, Mother of Teen Girl

This day was a motivating and eye-opening experience. After I leave today I will be more focused on my goals and on my well-being.” – Malika, Teen Girl

I enjoyed it SOOOO much! Thank you loads for this amazing opportunity. I learnt so much and now have 4 mentors to go to for inspiration, motivation and tips. #itsthebesttobeagirl #girlsrock” – Lucy, Teen Girl

This is just what I have been keeping an eye out for my daughters! I cannot imagine where they will be in a few years academically, however, I know they will be emotionally equipped to manage anything with these sort of programs you are offering.” – Eliza, Mother of Teen Girl

Girl Shaped Flames, workshops for teen girls

For a full schedule of upcoming Girl Shaped Flames events including Camp Courage, Skill-development workshops, Company Excursions and more, please visit their website

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