Family Wellness Hub in Brisbane with Embrace Life

Embrace Life wants to inspire their clients of all ages to feel better, to move better, to make informed health decisions, and to embrace wellness in all its forms. They understand this is different for every person and every family – from babies, to baby boomers and beyond.

Particularly close to Embrace Life’s heart is their goal to inspire growing families to be confident. Yes, confident!

In the hurly burly of our busy lives, coupled with the challenges, ‘awe and wonder’ of parenting, Embrace Life do what they do because they want to encourage, support and equip families.

Brisbane Natural Therapies

Passionately owned by Sharon Armstrong and Kathryn Bishop, the Embrace Life team can help you from the life changing newborn phase right through to growing up your teenagers. What’s right for me, and my child? It’s personal for you and your family.

Team of Practitioners for Families

Embrace Life are with you in your unique journey. And you’ll be supported by their wonderful team of health practitioners who hold a diverse range of health knowledge. That’s a whole team with a broader perspective working together for you.

This is why Sharon and Kathryn began Embrace Life. They have so much to offer families and clients of all ages. Visit them and chat about how they can support and inspire you – they’d love to see you!

  • Inspirational parenting and qualified health support for your baby or young child
  • Chiropractic, physiotherapy, exercise physiology (babies, kids, adults)
  • Antenatal and post-natal care and support
  • Massage, acupuncture, nutrition, naturopathy, reflexology and more
  • Lactation consultancy (internationally certified)
  • Sleep and behaviour support for babies and children

Pregnancy yoga at Embrace Life

Pregnancy & General Yoga

Embrace Life holds a variety of Yoga classes, from beginner’s general yoga to pregnancy yoga. Yoga assists in helping your nervous system to relax, increase your body’s flexibility and connecting with yourself, which in turn leads to a happier version of you.

Pregnancy yoga is great way to connect with your body and baby throughout your pregnancy and can enable the baby to get into the best position for birth.

Embrace Life pregnancy massage

Massage for Pregnancy

Embrace Life’s Massage Therapists are trained in Pregnancy and Lymphatic Drainage Massage, to help you feel your best throughout your pregnancy and post birth. They have special pregnancy pillows that allow expectant mums to lay face down comfortably on the massage table.

Embrace Life lactation consultant

Lactation & Child Health Services

The experienced Lactation Consultant & Child Health Nurse at Embrace Life, Sharon Armstrong, provides nurturing support to parents to enable a positive breastfeeding experience, develop sleep solutions to suit your parenting style and can also assist with behavioural difficulties in toddlers and children. Consultations can be arranged in the comfort of your own home or at the Embrace Life Wellness Hub.

Embrace Life also holds a free Child Health Clinic every Monday and Friday between 9.30am – 11.30am (except Public Holidays), which is perfect for weighing your baby and having a brief chat with Sharon or one of their midwives.

Chiropractic For Babies & Children

Embrace Life’s Chiropractors are trained and experienced in providing gentle chiropractic adjustments for babies and children and they approach your child’s health from a preventative perspective as well as correcting any spinal issues which can begin from birth. Chiropractors aim to restore function to the nervous system and remove any interference that may block or restrict messages travelling via the nerves, to all parts of the body, including major organs.

There are many reasons parents seek regular chiropractic care for their children, these are just a few:

  • Concerns about birth trauma
  • Head shape (flat spots)
  • Difficulty turning head both sided freely
  • Feeding and attachment issues
  • Maintain correct spinal mechanics

Embrace Life, Kids physio


The experienced Physiotherapists at Embrace Life can assist your body to get moving again with increased mobility and decreased pain. Physiotherapy can assist with many conditions such as neck pain, back pain, sporting injuries and help with rehabilitation post injury or post-surgery. Embrace Life also has an experienced Paediatric Physio^ Dr Amy Leung who has completed extra training to assess and treat children. Casting is also available for fractures, post surgery and serial casting is available for those with stiff, tight muscles with a reduced range of movement.

Parents with children showing signs of the following, could benefit with Physiotherapy treatment:

  • Flat or misshapen heads
  • Lack of co-ordination
  • Under developed motor skills
  • General musculoskeletal problems
  • Heel pain, knee pain

Embrace Life is a Physiotherapy Member Centre with BUPA for Physiotherapy services* and is also a Registered Provider for the NDIS.

^ Australian Physiotherapy Association Titled Paediatric Physiotherapist

*Only available with Physiotherapist, Nicole Hitchman.

Embrace Life exercise physiology

Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology can benefit many people. Whether you are trying to improve your sporting performance, are suffering a chronic illness like diabetes or need to strengthen your core, an Exercise Physiologist may be what you are looking for. Why would you use the services of an Exercise Physiologist?

  • To assist in positive lifestyle change
  • Improve your heart health
  • Control your diabetes
  • Rehabilitate after a cardiac event
  • Improve your recovery post cancer treatment
  • Injury rehabilitation

An Exercise Physiologist can also provide training in safe manual handling, lifestyle education to enable people to manage health conditions, musculoskeletal assessments plus more.

Embrace Life accepts referrals from GP’s for Veterans & Medicare eligible programs under the Chronic Disease Management Program. Health Fund benefits are also available, dependent on your level of Extras cover. Embrace Life is also a registered provider for NDIS.

Embrace Life nutrition services

Naturopathy & Nutrition for Families

Whether you are feeling sluggish, struggling with infertility or have a fussy eater in the family, Embrace Life’s Naturopath and Nutritionist offers a range of services and workshops that can help get your family feeling their best and eating a range of healthy foods. Detox packages are also available to kick start your body, with full support which includes recipes, consultations and some supplements.

Embrace Life also has an extensive range of products to complement our therapies and services, from their great range of practitioner only supplements, to their hand-picked Superfoods range and their range of organic skin care – you will find everything you need to get your family feeling great.

Their belief is that, by helping parents and children get the best care, in the most stress-free environment possible, right from the beginning, your family will grow up calm, relaxed and healthy. They hope you will feel inspired when you next visit their vibrant health and wellness hub!

For further information regarding Embrace Life’s family services, please visit their website.

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